3 Reasons Why I Chose to Work for a Small Company

An Employee's Story

By: Melissa Freeman

“Who let the dogs out…Woof Woof Woof Woof” plays in the background, as I tap my foot and talk to a customer on the phone. This upbeat music gives me a positive attitude while I sit in my office cubicle listening to the others around me doing the same thing on the phone. Only within this small company I work for can you find the heart of a small town with a business that can give any large corporation a run for its money. So why work for that large company where you are only a paycheck when you can work for a small company that will give you so much more.

Atmosphere dictates happiness

If you are looking for that thousand dollar suit and corner office then you need to keep looking because this girl wears blue jeans and t-shirts while sitting in my corner cubicle surrounded by co-workers who have also become friends and more like family. Being comfortable in my chair that I sit at for eight hours a day is a bonus you cannot find anywhere in big business. High heels are not needed when you spend the day talking to customers on the phone whether doing sales or customer service. The only thing needed is the positive attitude and a smile that you can hear through the phone!

Eliminate the competition

Along with the upbeat music that keeps the office positive and on occasion singing, we also have the ability to learn and do different jobs within the company, so we are never restricted to one area only. Each of us has our strongest areas, but that will never stop the company from allowing us some creative freedom in how we do our daily jobs. Learning other areas allows us to help out the other team members if someone is out sick, on vacation, or just wanted a day off. With learning the other areas and the creative freedom, we have eliminated any reason for competition in the workplace. We are a team and we are family and that group feeling is something I have never found in corporate America.

Working within, rather than working for a company

Special events, Charity events, and the local celebrations are done as a whole with this awesome company. It's not the corporate sales team golf outing or the “men's retreat” where others are left out within the large companies, it’s all for one and one for all with us. Every charity event, blood drive, empowerment study group includes every single member of the team, even Alex the customer service cat joins in. We all speak out and speak up and share experiences that help us grow as a team. We are actually encouraged to share our personal passions and create events based on those passions. It’s obviously rewarding to be able to support something you are passionate about, but it really does bring the team together on a higher level when everyone is exposed to something you are passionate about.

There is so much to be gained from working at a small company that puts the employee first as I have learned firsthand after more than a year. There is no competition that makes for a sedentary work environment where everyone is on their toes. You are most likely to find all of us tapping our toes to the music and smiling as we do our jobs. Although you may find a large corporation that is going to pay you the big bucks to be the corporate statue, I would rather be tapping my toes and singing “who let the dogs out” while my co-workers laugh at my antics. So the next time you are looking to make a career change, don’t discount that small company that you have never heard of. Remember that there may be some benefits to consider beyond that skyscraper view.
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