Women's Clothing Ideas for Job Interview

 “Clothing is a form of self-expression.
There are the hints about who you are in what you wear”- Marc Jacobs

Gone are the days when women’s interview attire included those boring black boxy blazers, dowdy straight-leg pants, and dull pumps. These days working women have welcomed more contemporary formals especially when they appear for the job interview. It is true that your skills matter a lot for the interview but along with that your appearance is often what the interviewer will notice first.

Dress to impress can be the key to secure your job, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a fashionista to crack the interview. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must look professional and polished. You just need to incorporate some modern style tips into your outfit that will be a good way to update your look in a competitive job market.

So if you are going to attend a job interview soon then this post is for you. Here is a complete guide that includes fashion tips and some inspiration that will help you to pick the right interview outfit.

1. What to wear for these four common interviews?

A. Corporate Classics 

The big companies those who emphasis on following a dress code,will give higher attention to your attire at the time of the interview. So if you are going for an interview at such corporate workplace then keep your look classy and bit conservative. But if they have mentioned some specific dress code in the interview email then follow it.

Rest you can opt for a business suit with some interesting colours other than black. You can also buy a formal jacket and accompany it with ankle length pants or knee length pencil skirt. Then add some accessories such as elegant earrings, wristwatch, and a purse to have a modish formal look.

B. Business Casuals

There are some companies those who allow business casuals until they mentioned any particular dress code. You can feel bit relaxed while you are appearing for an interview in these types of companies. But remember that you don’t have a freedom to go in your tees. This is the first time when people at the company will seeing you, so pick your dress accordingly while considering all the needful.

If not those dull business suits then go for a dark shade skirt with crisp contrast blouse.Chic neckpiece accompanies very well with delicate earrings, with a pair of wedges or nude shade pumps you can complete the look. You can also experiment with a shift dress and a cardigan that would also work well.

C. Start-ups

These days’ start-ups don’t follow any dress code you can see employees come in jeans and tees. They give more importance to work and comfort of their team members. So if you are going to attend the interview at the start-ups then, of course, you have a wider choice. You can carry semi formals or even office casuals.

But it should be something that looks appropriate and yet represents your personality. You can opt for a nice pair of dark colour jeans with a simple formal shirt or sweater, ballet flats, and a handbag. This gives you a trendy look and also maintains the interview decorum.

D. Glamour industry

If you’re gunning for a fashion-industry job where interviewers wear Prada and employees look more like Gucci models then pick your interview attire alike. It is suggested as such only because in this industry the more glamorous you look the easily you get hired. Dressing too stuffy and boring will immediately indicate that you’re not the right fit for the job in this industry.

Here you have more avenues for dresses either pick from pencil skirts or smart blazers or sleek trousers with a chic blouse. You can pair any of them with a stylish neckpiece, earrings, leather belts, pumps or wedges and a bold wristwatch to look more polished and professional.

So you should target your look according to the company in which you’re going for the interview.Looking professionally spectacular might not every time get you the job but it helps you to look more confident.

2. What is new in women’s interview clothing?

1. Styled blazers

If you are fond of blazers but don’t like those boring black, blue or gray then here are some tips to add corporate glam in them. Ditch that dark colours and opt for some bright shades such as pink, fuchsia, light blue with some interesting prints. You can also get options of robes and zip instead of old age buttons.

2. Chic fitted dress

The next formal attire you can opt for is a simple chic fitted dress with some vibrant colours like navy blue, sea green, pink and even ivory red. Accessories it with an emaciated belt, simple earrings, smart leather bag and pumps. You should make it sure that the dress has a good fit according to your body types.

3. Give farewell to black

It’s not necessary that all your formals should be in black. When you are going to appear for the interview you can choose some good florescent colours. They give soothing effects to the eyes of the interviewer and give a positive energy as well. So that instead of black, think about sky blue, baby pink, ivory red, lavish purple and more.

4. Give space to textures and prints

Another way to add some dimension to your interview wardrobe, is by adding various sober textures and patterns. You can select either stripes, checks, nature’s print and so on. But remember as per the fashion rule always pair your prints with plain bottoms.

5. Drop down buttons

The next thing that makes your formal wardrobe interesting is bow, robes, and zip. You can buy blouses and shirts with a cute and fashionable bow, robes and zip instead of boring buttons. This is perhaps the simplest way to add some style to your work attire.

The first impression you make on a potential employer is incredibly meaningful and important. That’s why it’s always necessary that you should pick your interview dress that gives you a stylish look and complements the working culture of your potential company. 

3. What things should women avoid while getting ready for an interview?

1. Overly dressed

Always remember dress gracefully, not overdoing the outfit. Your attire should be stylish but yet professional. Never wear heavy makeups, dangles, and gaudy dresses. Keep yourself simple and carry all your traits and flaws confidently.

2. Don’t juggle with fittings

If you are not comfortable with a fit of your chic dress, pencil skirts or a blouse then don’t carry it. You may feel uncomfortable during the interview and will lose your confidence in front of an interviewer. So get a trial with your formals a day before from an interview to avoid unnecessarily juggle.

3. Check your heels

Stilettos give you a sense of confidence but can lead you in a most embarrassing situation as well if you can’t carry them comfortably. So first do trails and if not comfortable with high heels then opt for wedges or pumps.

Regardless of what you choose to wear at the time of an interview, you should look smart and professional. Never let your outfit detract you from your goal to get through an interview successfully.
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