What to Do as a New Graduate When All Jobs Require 3-5 Years of Experience?

Hundreds and thousands of students graduate every year and start searching for career defining jobs. Consequently, companies with even entry level vacancies are flooded with applications leading to cut-throat competition and challenging recruitment process. Though there is no dearth of applications, not all graduates are job ready. To make sure only potential individuals enter their organization, companies often set a criteria of work experience to narrow down their options. As a fresh graduate, if you are receiving emails and calls that require 3-5 years of experience, you must be wondering how you are going to secure a job. This post is your guide to help you find an answer to all your apprehensions related to work experience as a fresher.

Gain Experience

During college years you have ample of time to spend. Utilize the time and go for an internship that works well for your career development. It will help you gain working experience and develop professional connection that may help you during your job search days after graduation. If you are unable to find an interesting internship, go for undergraduate research. Your professors can help you find something relevant to your course. Though it won’t give you work experience, you will learn a lot, which will ultimately help you when applying for jobs.

Make Connections

Networking is crucial in the professional world. That is why you must start building a network as soon as possible. Having some connection to the company can at least help waive off your lack of experience and get you to an interview. Maintain a good rapport with your professors and stay in touch even when they are no longer teaching you. When you join an internship or research program develop a professional touch with your peers as soon as you can. Wider the network, better the chances of getting a job.

Market Yourself

When applying for a job opening, include all the skills pertinent to the position in your resume. Also, prepare a specialized cover letter glorifying your skill set and company as much as possible. Don’t go overboard and include unreal information in your resume. You need to market yourself, so paint a pretty picture of you and showcase your talent in the best light.

Acquire Knowledge and Insight

If your field allows, you may even consider other options to gain experience or skills, such as freelancing. It will help you gain knowledge, experience, and sharpen your skills without going to work. Working remotely will also give you time to acquire additional knowledge and gain insights through online classes, putting you on a notch over your competitors.

Remember It's a Guideline and Not a Requirement

You have to understand that the experience mentioned in the entry level job openings is a guideline and not a requirement that you have to meet. Employers do prefer experienced individuals for they are considered better suited for the job but that’s not always the case. Skill set matters a lot when finding a job as it determines if you are fit for that position. If you come across any position for which you think you have the required skill set, apply for it. The worst that can happen is, you’ll be rejected but if called up for the interview you will gain experience on giving interview.

Wrap Up

This trend of citing experience for entry level job is gaining prevalence across the US. Whether you live in Texas or LA, if now you receive any job emails or calls from employment agencies that require 3-5 years of experience, you are ready to apply for the job. In addition, you can also consult an employment agency that can help you understand the latest trend in recruitment process so that you are interview ready for the next entry level job vacancy.
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