5 Ways To Increase Workplace Safety

Workplace safety should be at the forefront of every employer’s priority list. Whether you work in an office space, a restaurant or an industrial work environment, there are safety procedures that have to be followed to ensure the safety of employees and people in the surrounding areas. Failure to maintain safety regulations and standards can result in nasty law suits and nastier injuries. Here are some steps that you should follow to ensure a workplace that is safe for your employees…

Hire Smart:

Making a quick hire is always a tempting notion, as the hiring process is tiresome, boring and time consuming. However, frustrating this process may be, it should nonetheless be thorough and well thought out. If you’re looking to expand your team, the you should look for somebody who is going to add value and who shares the common goal of making your business a success.

The hiring process should always touch upon health and safety and incorporate some form of psychometric testing – this will only ensure that you are hiring somebody who is of sound mind and body. You need to make sure that you are bringing somebody onto your team who is going to show competency and safe practice in the work environment.

Demand Safe Work Practices:

These are the “do’s” and “don’ts” to performing specific tasks in the workplace – for example: do wear a hairnet if working with food, don’t run with scissors. These regulations need to be put into writing so that they can be referred back to. If you have something written down, then you are completely covering yourself in the case of an accident or mishap. Safe work practices ensure that within the event of a workplace accident or mishap, there is evidence that you have set procedures that must be followed and that you have provided sufficient training so that your employees know how to follow it.

Train Your Staff:

Regular method and health and safety regulation training sessions will ensure that your staff are meeting the expectations of the job requirements. Whether you are a restaurant owner, training your staff on COSHH and safety procedures; or an employer within an office environment providing training on client service or how to act in the case of an emergency, all sessions are valuable and can ensure that your company becomes a more successful and more safe operation.

Training and development is also important in the workplace as it highlights and addresses any weaknesses that yourself and your employees may have. It provides a learning environment where yourself, your employees and your whole company can adapt and blossom. Some of the most successful companies and institutions provide regular training sessions to ensure that they are ahead of the game and one step in front of the competition at all times. More informed employees will provoke better practices and more employee satisfaction.

Create a Safe Environment:

Making the work environment safe should be a priority. If there are any exposed wires, loose fittings, uneven floorboards etc. then fix them. Make everything to standard and then nobody can get injured. Indoor air quality is one of the most important, yet most easily forgotten factors to ensure workplace safety. Studies have proven that poor air quality and indoor air pollution can actually be more hazardous to your employees than outdoor air pollution – so make sure that you have the right ventilation systems that will supply the workplace with clean air.

There are simple steps that you can take to ensure a safer work environment. Covering every different avenue is a necessity if you are a business owner and choosing to ignore these factors could have serious legal implications.

Provide the right Tools and Equipment:

If you’re working in an industrial site, construction site or within a restaurant/ kitchen, then it is imperative that you provide your employees with correct and sufficient personal protection equipment i.e. hard hats, face masks, goggles and thick gloves. If you are unsure on what equipment you must provide, then always consult with a like-minded industry specialist or legislative handbooks, which will provide guidance and information on all kinds of workplace health and safety.

There are simple steps that you must take to ensure the safety and protection of your employees. Covering every possible avenue that could result in injury, health problems or damage, will ensure a more successful and safe work environment, and choosing to ignore these factors could make you liable to pay the price.
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