7 Tricks Celebrities and LinkedIn Writers Use in Their Profiles

7 Tricks Celebrities and LinkedIn Writers Use in Their Profiles

There’s no doubt LinkedIn is one of the most popular social or rather professional sites and has shown tremendous growth over the last one decade. With over 467 million users in 200 or more countries, and some 128 million users in the U.S as at end last month, it’s surely the place to be.

Far from the traditional professional networking role for both personal and commercial purposes, LinkedIn now provides the platform to publish, position, and raise your brand awareness across a 400 million client base. It also provides the opportunity to form partnerships and influence others    

Besides the opportunity for company profile writing and chance to become a LinkedIn writer, the opportunity to influence others and become brand influencers is fast driving celebrities who then dismissed LinkedIn for its “job search” role. Let’s look at some and their profile tricks.

a) Shaquille O’neal – Share Your Story

Now an analyst with TNT’s hugely popular basketball television program (Inside the NBA), the former NBA player has an amazing LinkedIn profile full with his bio, from being the first player to hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees to being an ambassador for several brands.

Unlike most celebrities, you’d notice his profile is not just a pic but a full bio. Other than the fact O’Neal is a star in his own right, many LinkedIn users follow him because he has a story to share.

b) Kim Kardashian – Indicate profession 

Most corporates and LinkedIn writers would agree, Kim’s LinkedIn profile looks professional. Even though she does not enjoy a huge following on her LinkedIn account, she’s kept it simple with her beautiful portrait of course and career as a designer. You would also notice she states she is a professional, which is much unlike what many would easily expect of her as a socialite.

What makes this unique is that if not for her popularity, anyone looking for a designer would be tempted to check out her design samples. The lesson is to let others know what you do, simply.

c) Conan O’Brien – Make Publications

Conan is a Television producer and comedy LinkedIn Writer. His fans would easily remember him for his late night talk show back in 2013. Back then he had zero company profile writing professional and LinkedIn followers. Now he has more than 300, 000 ardent fans and followers.

Conan’s profile highlights his past roles including design and consultation. He also has links to some of published works that teaches us to publicize our brands via Linked using publications.

d) Sarah Palin – Communicate Intentions

Sarah is a politician, pundit and author. She served as the 9th Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009. Sarah first post her resume in LinkedIn in 2009 but not to network as was the key role of the site back then. She was a vice presidential runner at the same time. She wrote in her profile:

“Fellow Americans, come join our cause and help our country vote in a great man for the U.S president. Thank you.” When put rightly, rallying others to your cause can work well for you.  

e) Richard Branson – Be Simple Despite

Sir Richards is an English business investor and philanthropist popularly known for his Virgin group of 400 or more companies. The business magnate is also a LinkedIn writer with over 70 posts. He describes himself in his LinkedIn profile as a tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker.

As a person you would easily describe as very busy, the thought of having a LinkedIn account is itself very inspiring. To think he makes it look so simple even adds to his very influential status.

f) Emily Chang – Try “Short and Sweet”
Emily is described mostly as a life-time television journalist currently anchoring for Bloomberg TV. Emily’s LinkedIn profile is simple yet impressive. She’s arranged the shows she hosts front and center, making it easy for her followers to know what they are, where, and how to find them. 

Her profile reminds other LinkedIn users to try keeping things simple if they want to stand out.

g) Jeff Haden – embrace greatness with grace
With just about 720,000 followers, the entrepreneur and LinkedIn writer is surely influencing a multitude. Jeff’s writings are often described as smart, witty and poignant. But what is unique and perhaps what contributes most to his popularity is his down-to-earth (humility) personality.

“Otherwise, I’m a wannabe cyclist, fitness enthusiast of minimal repute, over the hill motorcycle racer and if making lots of mistakes was a path to wisdom I would be a genius but since I am not clearly it’s not.”You can sure learn a lot from one thing; embrace greatness graciously.    

About Author: Carrie Cox works as a content manager and her hobby is traveling, reading and guest posting. She is specialized on writing useful articles for job seekers in order to make their job hunting process easier and more effective.
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