Why Journalism is One of the Most Exciting Careers

Journalism as a career

Journalism can be a rewarding career option for those who are enthusiastic about latest events and have an eye for detail. Let’s see why journalism can be a good career option.

Journalism – an Overview

Journalism is all about reporting and exploring events happening around the world. However, a vast field in itself, journalism encompasses several aspects that are a part of the profession. Whatever is the mode or field is, in a nutshell journalism follows a trend to present the report to the audience within a stipulated time. If you are confident and enthusiastic about happenings in your surroundings and have an eye for detail — a career in Mass Communication and Journalism is definitely for you.

The Indian media industry’s demand is growing in leaps and bounds with an ever-increasing demand for trained professionals. In a report published by research firm KPMG along with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), it is estimated that the Indian media industry is expected to grow at a rate of 13% annually. This implies that journalists have a bright career option.

Courses and Institutes

Journalism can be pursued at both undergraduate level and postgraduate level. At postgraduate level most of the institutes offer a one year or a ten months diploma. Those who want to pursue a career in journalism can choose from Mass Communication colleges in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities. Some of the leading mass communication and journalism institutes are Indian Institute of Mass Communication (Dhenkanal and New Delhi) Asian College of Journalism (Chennai), Xavier’s Institute of Communication (Mumbai). Apart from these students can also choose from other universities and colleges that include:

    • University of Calcutta, Kolkata
    • University of Pune, Pune
    • University of Mumbai, Mumbai
    • Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Why Go for Journalism?

But why should you become a journalist?  Is it only because it has glamour quotient attached to it? Or is it only because it’s an exciting career? Given below are a few reasons surrounding this exciting employment:

- Scope to Learn Always: Remember your college days? How the curriculum and routine used to be? Paper presentations, writing essays for college, seminars, semester examinations – you would be occupied with an abundance of activities all through the year. Activities made sure that you are on your toes round the year. Dealing with new issues and ideas day in and day out made you smarter with each passing day. The same is applicable in the field of journalism. You are always learning and always on the move. You begin a new assignment just as an ignorant child only to become the master of it within a few weeks.

- Getting Paid to Be an Avid Reader: It has been observed that every journalist begins his or her day with a copy of a newspaper while sipping a cup of tea. Yes, reading is an essential part of being a good journalist. The more you read about a variety of topics, the more you end up brushing your skills. These days, many journalists seek the help of social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter and the social media to keep themselves updated. They end up reading news articles and blogs daily. Those who are passionate about reading and possess a natural inquisitiveness, journalism would be a highly satisfying career for them.

- Meeting Celebrities and Interesting People: Well, as a journalist, you can expect to indulge in some exciting and interesting activities; dine with the likes of Sonia Gandhi or Shah Rukh Khan; travel to the lands of Tulips and Windmills (the Netherlands) if working for a travel magazine; interview the greatest footballer of all times or critique Shobha De for her newly launched novel. Exciting? Well yes, these are precisely some of the activities you can expect to perform as a journalist.

- Creating Revolution: They say that pen is mightier than the sword! True and this is applicable to the field of journalism. If you are a good writer you can do wonders with the might of your pen. As a dedicated and dutiful journalist you can bring about a difference in unfair lawsuits and may be help people lead a more respectful life within the society.

- Enjoy A Little Bit of Fame: Just like meeting the who’s who, going either on air or a television channel can be exciting and fun at the same time. Who does not like to be recognised for his or her work? Everyone does! If you get to hear a statement like, “Hey! I read your article that day” in the leading daily is unquestionably rewarding. Similarly, when you get to host a prime time talk show with the top-notch personalities from either from the world of politics or sports, it will obviously add certain amount of star element to your journalist image.

- Is it Stress or Excitement: Well, the strict deadlines of stories might give you an adrenalin rush at times, but structuring a complete story within a buzzing newsroom can actually be challenging and exciting.

- Get to Travel: If you are smitten by the travel bug, you have struck a deal! As a journalist you do get to travel almost like wanderlust. Covering soccer tournaments, trade fairs, book fairs, political meets happening across the globe is but a part of your job description. 

All said and done, we can conclude that journalism not only has good career opportunities but it is definitely one of the most exciting careers.

Author bio:

Jeffrey is an academic college paper writer contributing for a number of educational magazines, journals and online writing websites, including www.solidessay.com.
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