3 Tips for Career Success from an Introvert

The corporate world is gradually shifting towards appreciating and rewarding introverts from giving all the credit to extroverts but it is a fact that majority of the corporations are still very far from forming equality between extroverts and introverts. The work of introverts is usually acknowledged with a pat on the shoulder, but it is a fact that extroverts are the ones who take all the spotlight attracting majority of the rewards and recognition. Introverts have different nature because of which it is believed that they lack the important part of something that makes up a “modern-day personality” – the gene for sustainable career growth.

As an introvert, I have been ignored a lot of times. There were days when I was overlooked and usually termed as “not a team player”. It not only hurts, it also impacted my confidence negatively. As most of the extroverts don’t realize the difference, it gets really difficult to survive the hardships. The corporations and humans all need to realize that there is nothing wrong in being different.

As they say, to succeed you have to fight your own battle. I have literally fought a lot of battles to stand up, to be heard and to be valued. In my opinion, there are a lot of measures and strategies that introverts can discover and implement to get the deserving respect and start a journey towards a successful career. The tips that I am sharing are based on my own experiences that I have been through all the years as a career counselor.

All introverts can make it better for themselves by implementing the following tips:

Smile as much as you can

A lot of research and surveys have been conducted on the science of smiling. The reason behind smiling is still in the discovery mode, however, it is a fact that smiling impacts the body and mind in a very positive manner. Many scientists have also concluded that smiling can lead to a temporary “high” as well. In the world of corporations, smiling is considered as one of the most important attributes of extroverts. The act of smiling regularly can up the game of introverts by making them more upbeat, approachable and social. Who would not like to connect with an individual who is upbeat? It is real easy and requires a little practice.

Walk with a head held high

The most prominent signs of confidence include a straight posture, keeping an eye contact and moving with a head held high. Naturally, introverts avoid all these three prominent signs of confidence. According to various studies, postures and gestures play a vital role in others perceiving and judging us. All introverts must realize that a strong posture shows your confidence and to assert your remarkable performances, it is important to walk with a head held high. It will make you more visible, more confident and hence the judgment will turn in your favor. 

Your words are your impressions. Choose wisely!

To make a long-lasting impression, it is important to choose your words wisely. It is a fact that introverts get scared and terrified when they become the center of attention, or when they are up for public speaking. However, choosing words wisely and taking it as a challenge rather than fear can help a lot of introverts to break all shackles and get the work done easily. Thus, it is a suggestion to all introverts to choose words that make a lasting impression.

Author Bio: Winnie Hardy has completed MBA from a reputed university and is a career counselor at an online university that offers online life experience degree. Winnie is also a motivational speaker and has participated in various forums worldwide. Traveling and reading is her favorite thing to do.

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