5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

As a professional in finance, the use of LinkedIn is important in your search for a job. It is very helpful in today's world since it saves time. What is more, it gives you exposure to potential recruiters and employers. You can read interesting information related to finance, and engage, or even meet, with top professionals in the finance industry via LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn the right way will greatly increase your chances of getting a job. However, if you make mistakes, your chances are greatly diminished. The following are some of the mistakes to avoid while using LinkedIn to find a job in the finance field. 

1. Having an incomplete profile

LinkedIn offers you a variety of sections to put up all your data ranging from your interests, personal information and accomplishments. It also allows you to post links of your current active sites. Having an unfinished profile can send the wrong impression about your credibility to potential employers.

You should always make sure that the most important sections are filled with correct information. This will make it easier for employers to easily know about your educational background, skills and experience. Having endorsements for your skills and accomplishments goes a long way in making your profile even more credible. 

2. Having inappropriate or no pictures

As a finance professional, it is necessary to put up a picture that portrays an image of who you want to be associated with. Having unprofessional pictures will make it difficult for people to connect with you. What is more, it will affect the perception of a potential recruiter thereby making you lose the opportunity of being employed in your financial field. 

3. Using false career information

You might be tempted to ‘spice up’ your profile so as to get more recognition. However, this will do you more harm than good. You must never give inaccurate information about your field of profession and/or experiences you have. Potential employers and recruiters are likely to conduct background checks on your education credentials and experience. If there are discrepancies, you will definitely be turned down for jobs. You are supposed to include a list of what you have actually done and achieved and not what you wish, or wished, to do. 

4. Poor online availability

How regular or active you are on LinkedIn gives you a higher chance of being noticed. As a financial professional, include more activities on your timeline like sharing posts from financial influencers, status updates and making one-on-one connections. However, do not over do it. The more you appear on LinkedIn, the higher your chances of getting contacted by an employer. 

5. Posting negative comments

LinkedIn is a professional site unlike other social media sites. What this means is that you should refrain from posting any negative, shocking or controversial comments. Doing so will reduce your chances of hearing from potential recruiters.

There are certain mistakes that you should avoid when using LinkedIn to find a job. These include having a profile that is incomplete, using falsified information, not having a profile picture and posting negative comments. These mistakes will hurt your chances of finding a job using LinkedIn and should therefore be avoided.

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