7 Reasons Why MBA Degree is a Great Push for Your Career

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Industrialization bought us this custom made degree, where professionals were need to be educated to become well rounded managers and handle the various departments in an organization. Originated in the 19th century in the United States, as the need for people who have a strong educational background in management analysis and strategy grew – MBA was introduced as a go-to course for every individual who wants to make it big in the corporate field. From finance, marketing to rural development and international business – this professional degree is definitely made a huge impact on the career oriented population. 

It is a common assumption – MBA gives you the benefit to be in a company’s top crème-dela-crème crowd. Around the world, students are waiting to get into one of the top MBA colleges in the world and make it big in the world of industries. 

An MBA degree has always been something that professional take to get a good jump in their career. But not all business schools can make this dream come true. You have to very carefully pick and choose your B-School and also a specialization that best suits you. If you are an engineer then MBA in IT or Operations would be perfect for you and on the other hand if you are shy and can’t talk to people then MBA in marketing as a specialization is not advisable.  

But once you have the perfect combination - Here are 7 reasons why a business degree would give a great ignition to a thriving career.  

1. Networking

We live in the world where everything is run by the contacts and networking. A B-School degree gives you exactly that. You are studying with the future who’s who; and not only that – your alumina, your professors etc. prove to be your biggest asset.  

2. Skill Based Learning

An MBA professional gets the label of being an expert in his field. The course is structured in such a way that it gets what the market want, and molds the students exactly in the same way.  

3. Wide Career Options

Business course provides you the opportunity to gain expertise, and give you a wide range of career options. From sales, marketing to operations and IT etc. Everything in your hand. You can pick and choose which ever one you want.  

4. Corporate Bandwagon

As careers go, MBA gives you the opportunity to jump in with the corporate biggies – Google, GE, ICRA, Deloitte, Apple, JP Morgan, P&G, Amazon, Facebook, Coca Cola, PWC, TCS and many more. Most top notch companies either hire through a rigorous placement scene in campus or out-campus.  

5. Entrepreneurship

If you do not want to follow someone else’s footsteps, a business degree still provides you with the knowledge and expertise for you to start your own business. Many business graduates go specifically to college for gaining knowledge on how to manage and start your business. If you have an idea and being an self-made entrepreneur is your dream – then course would give you tools to be able to do exactly that

6. Better pay

This is the primary need of any working professional – to be able to survive, save and enjoy the salary. Being an MBA graduate takes you an inch closer to that goal. The highest salary (domestic) for the 2014 batch was 48Lakh approx.

Some of the salary ranges of the various job profiles are:

Job title
National Salary Data
Human Resource Manager
Rs 242,099 – Rs 1,203,727
Business Analyst, IT
Rs 276,793 – Rs 1,141,887
Human Resources (HR) Generalist
Rs 135,480 - Rs 502,241
Business Development Manager
Rs 268,532 - Rs 1,529,985
Marketing Manager
Rs 300,656 - Rs 1,780,286
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
Rs 499,741 - Rs 1,936,569
Assistant Human Resources (HR) Manager
Rs 213,486 - Rs 799,316

7. Change in Career Path

If you feel stuck and are in a dead end job, going for an MBA degree would definitely serve you some purpose. For example after an engineering degree if you want to change your career path, you could become a financial analyst by doing an MBA in Finance. The same applies to any course or stream. 

Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and has been writing on a variety of topics. She is an ardent reader, a traveller and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way. 

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