Five Rewarding Jobs You Should Consider If You Want To Make A Difference

Finding a job isn't always easy, but finding a job that offers meaning and purpose to your life is even more difficult. If you believe that a job should include more rewards than just the paycheck you bring home, you may want to consider one of these five careers: 


Do you want to save lives? IF so, a career in emergency response and emergency medicine might be for you. Having a two-year degree will help here, but the biggest focus is on successful training and an aptitude for the work, which many EMTs say cannot be taught. This is a fast-growing occupation that pays an annual median salary of $31,020, which increases with continued education and training. 

Middle Grades/School Teacher

For many young people, middle school includes the most difficult years of their lives with challenges that include bullying, drugs, and other peer issues. Having teachers who believe in the importance of education and want to help their students succeed can make a huge difference in their lives. These are notoriously difficult years to teach, requiring dedication, compassion, and an iron will. The annual median salary is $53,430. 


For big-picture people, a career in diplomacy has the potential for many rewards, including travel. More importantly, it includes representing your country in ways that can influence foreign policy and political relationships for decades to come. Diplomats and many assistant-level positions require a degree in diplomacy. They are paid according to the Foreign Service (FS) Pay Schedule of the federal government, which ranges from $28,000 to $130,000 annually. A diplomacy degree and leadership experience will be needed for this type of work. 

Medical Librarian

A medical librarian provides a variety of record management and research services to hospitals and clinics, helping serve their patients better. Many such librarians work for the Veterans Administration (VA) or organizations like the Mayo Clinic. As with all professional librarians, this position requires a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) in addition to courses specific to medical librarianship and a background in health sciences. The annual median salary is $49,790. 

Funding Coordinator at a Nonprofit

No matter the cause they support, all nonprofit organizations require funding and most have a position dedicated to seeking and managing that funding. If you have an interest in accounting and networking, becoming a funding coordinator can be very rewarding. A degree in communication or finance will help, but experience is crucial, especially at the non-entry level. The job market is growing quickly. The annual median salary is $50,680.

A lot of exciting opportunities and rewarding jobs exist if you want one where you can make a difference. Just find one that speaks to your desire to do good and to your personal strengths.
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