Love Life on the Road? 4 Good Paying Careers to Consider

There's nothing like driving on the highway with the windows down and the wind in your hair. But what if you're interested in more than just recreational driving? What if you're looking for an actual career that can be spent behind the wheel? Here are just four jobs to consider if you want a future under the open sky. 

Truck Driver

Truck driving was probably the first career you thought of when envisioning a life on the road, but that's because it really is all it's cracked up to be. Truck drivers can travel thousands of miles a year, offering a great reprieve from the stresses and anxieties of daily life. Just hop in your truck, turn on the radio and leave all your troubles behind you on the Interstate! You can even earn big bonuses for making good time or maintaining a clean driving history. Getting behind the big rig is not as easy as just signing up however. North Shore Driving School Ltd is one of the driving schools up in Vancouver that offers both commercial and private driving courses. Courses like these are a good example of schooling and training that you may need to go through to become a truck driver. 

Motivational Speaker

If you enjoy traveling but don't want it to be the basis of your entire career, consider becoming a life coach or motivational speaker. These professionals move from city to city to speak with as many groups as possible, so you'll never be tied down to a cubicle. As a bonus, you'll be improving the lives of everyone you meet, too! To make a career around this type of work, you’ll need to be a professional and certified to be able to motivate people. Consider degrees in psychology, or communication. 


Do you enjoy being behind the wheel and getting to go home at the end of the evening? Deliverymen are usually employed by a specific company or county service that won't ever take you too far from your own bed. For example, you can work for your city's postal service or with the local region of FedEx. It's the perfect job for those who like driving but have family obligations that won't allow them to travel outside state lines. 

Travel Blogger

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it's entirely possible to earn a living by cataloging your life on the road. You'll need a fair amount of web savvy so you can set up a website, attract readers and earn revenue through ads and affiliates, but the rest is simply writing, photographing and blogging about your adventures at famous landmarks or the world's biggest ball of twine.

Some people just aren't built for an office job, and that's okay. If you get an itchy feeling when life tries to pin you down or make you stay in one place for too long, these are just four careers that will provide fun, freedom and financial stability.
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