Five Stellar Assistant Jobs That Don’t Involve Taking Messages and Getting Coffee

When we think of assistant jobs, what often comes to mind is an assistant to the boss – the individual whose job consists mainly of answering phones, taking messages and getting coffee. Office assistant jobs can be the pits, but there are still assistant jobs out there that are rewarding, and can lead to quick advancement in the field. If you are just starting out in the work force, you might consider a few of these stellar assistant jobs that will allow you to get through the day without picking up anyone’s dry cleaning. 

Dental Assistant

This professional works a long side of a dentist as the dentist performs his or her duties. While dental assistants answer phones, help schedule appointments and may take payments from patients, they aren’t chained to a desk all day, taking orders from the boss. Dental assistant programs can generally be completed in one year, depending on the program you choose. Also, depending on the state, you may need to be certified or licensed to be a dental assistant. With experience and training, a dental assistant has the potential to later become a dental hygienist or dental office manager. 

Legal Assistant

Also known as paralegal, this individual works in legal settings and assists lawyers with many of the tasks normally performed by lawyers. They do filing, drafting documents, corresponding court dates and contacting clients, among other things. The educational requirements for legal assistants varies from state to state. However, most states prefer or even require their legal assistants obtain certification as paralegals. A legal assistant can use the experience gained to become an advanced paralegal, or working as a paralegal before or during law school can be a great resume-builder if you plan to be a lawyer. 

Lab Assistant

As you might guess, this professional generally spends most of their time in a laboratory. The duties may include filing reports, running specimens, updating patient’s medical files and writing specimen reports. Duties also may vary by the area in which the lab assistant works. For instance, a medical lab assistant’s duties will be different than someone working in a research lab. Lab assistants may receive on-the-job training or complete a certificate program at a community college. According to the professionals of ABES College who provide a medical lab assistant course in Calgary, with additional training and certification, a lab assistant may later go on to become a laboratory technician or technologist at a reputable lab. 

Engineering Assistant

This individual provides support to engineers, such as writing and updating technical documents, managing program files, creating and tracking spreadsheets, corresponding with clients and attending project meetings. A lot of an engineering assistant’s duties may vary by the type of engineer the assistant is working with. Becoming an engineering assistant doesn’t require a lot of education. In fact, some receive on-the-job training while taking some college courses. With training and experience, this job can lead to an engineering technician position, and looks great on a resume for those who are planning for a career in any engineering field. 

Medical Assistant

This medical professional works in a medical facility and assists doctors while they treat and diagnose patients. They also perform administrative duties within a medical office. To become a medical assistant, an individual is typically required to complete a formal training program, which can take from one to two years. With work experience, training and required certifications, the medical assistant can advance to management positions within the healthcare industry.

If you’re looking for a career that offers rewarding work experiences, chances for advancement and growth, consider one of the five listed above. You might think that working as an assistant will mean that you have to do all the grunt work, however, plenty of assistant jobs provide real responsibility and exciting prospects. Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you are looking for an assistant job, think of your future career aspirations and find a field that interests you. There are plenty of companies and organizations that need enthusiastic beginners, so just remember that being an assistant today could mean being an expert later down the road.
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