Six Well-Paying and Rewarding Careers Away from Computers

Computers have become a large part of our society and a significant part of our workforce these days. Most jobs nowadays at least have a workstation with a computer to enter information at. Contrary to popular belief though, it is possible to get a well-paying job without being an expert with computers or even having to work on one at all. Some of these include careers in truck driving, construction, automotive mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, and forestry.

Truck Driving 

Though it may not be the first choice for a lot of people, truck driving can actually be an incredibly rewarding career that is definitely away from a computer screen. With the ability to create your own schedule and with accommodating wages, this job offers flexibility and stability. Truckers can earn up to $85,000 yearly and there are great benefits offered from various companies all around the states.


Construction is not only erecting structures, houses, or buildings. It can also be anything from iron workers to masons. For example, a career with a company like 20/20 NDT Inc. would give you a well-paying position running non-invasive pipeline and structure testing. This is not what you would normally consider to be in the construction field but is actually just one of the great opportunities offered. Depending on the trade, some construction workers are able to make more than $100,000 a year without having to stare at a computer all day!

Automotive Mechanics

A mechanic is able to physically work on their trade every day by fixing and tinkering in the automobiles they see. Like trucking, automotive mechanics can be a flexible and rewarding field for those who seek it. Generally mechanics make around $40,000 annually, with added benefits and stability in a career away from the computer.


When people think of a plumber, it isn’t nearly as glorifying as it should be. When they need a plumber, however, they praise them and consider them heroes. A career in the plumbing world can be a very physical one, but with an hourly wage of nearly $22.00 on average, it sees its benefits. If you are trying to find a position away from a computer,


Always a rewarding a career for hundreds of years, carpentry is definitely a position able to be done away from the computer. Carpenters create masterpieces every day and are expected to work with mathematical measurements. The profession is actually expected to grow greatly within the next ten years and some carpenters can make up to $73,000 yearly.


A job in forestry may be unconventional but it can actually be extremely satisfying. The average yearly salary is around $56,000 and the job growth should be steady over the next few years as well. Some typical jobs under the forestry umbrella are forest rangers and forest rehabilitation, both positions that have you out in nature and away from a computer screen!

There are actually quite a few rewarding jobs out there that have you step away from the computer screen or even require computer skills at all. The careers listed above are just a few of what is out there currently. You just need to get out there and look for what interests you.
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