Pursuing MS From Top Australian Universities

In the last one decade, Australia has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for higher-education by international students. The following post gives overview of MS program in Australian Universities. Read on to know more.  

Australian Education System – an Overview

Over the last few years, Australia has went on to become one of the leading destinations for international students. Several Australian universities have recorded an increased application from thousands of international students from across the globe.

The education system in the country is modelled after the one in the United Kingdom, and hence the degrees that Australian universities award, carry the same value and recognition that the UK ones do. The education system in the country is also well recognized by other countries, and the accreditation of Australian universities is at par with the UK, US and European universities; thus ensuring that studying in Australia offers you the great career prospects.

Australia has a well developed infrastructure for education, with its state sponsored universities offering world class facilities and degrees that are internationally recognized and valued. The country also has an incredible environment that fosters a global outlook and can help you become the kind of professional that leading organizations all over the world would be interested in hiring. A Masters program in Australia can be just the thing that you need to get ahead of your peers and secure a bright future for yourself. 

Requirements for pursuing an MS in Australia

In order to be eligible for pursuing an MS degree in Australia, you need to be a graduate. This graduate degree must be in the same field that you are applying for a MS program and must be obtained from a duly accredited institution that at least has a national level recognition in your country.

A certification of proficiency in English is also needed when you are applying for an MS in Australia. This proficiency can be easily proved by the means of one of the many tests and programs that Australian universities recognize, including IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English, and University of Cambridge Advanced program in English. There may be some specific requirements which may vary from university to university, and thus, its imperative that you satisfy those requisites too. 

Tuition Fees and Other Expenses

While the exact fees for an MS program in any University can be found on their official website, the general trends indicate that you can expect to pay anything from Australian $20,000 to $37,000, for one year’s tuition when you join an MS program in Australia. The fee structure gets revised annually and you will need to check for the tuition fee for the MS program on the website of the university that you are interested in joining.

The cost of education in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, but year after year, trends have shown that Australia has one of the highest percentage of international students enrolled in their various programs when compared to any other university in the world. The weakening of the Australian Dollar as a global currency effectively means that you will have to pay less for education, as well as for the cost of living in Australia. 

Top 5 universities in Australia for an MS Degree

Australia has a number of prestigious institutes where you can apply for an MS program. However, if you want a truly exceptional experience, the leading 5 universities in Australia, that also feature in the top 100 educational institutes in the world, will offer you the best career prospects.

  1. University of Melbourne: Is currently ranked 43 out of 100 and is a premier seat of education in Australia.
  2. Australian National University: It has a ranking range of 61-70 and is located in Canberra.
  3. University of Sydney: It holds a ranking range of 61-70 among the leading universities in the world
  4. University of Queensland: UQ is ranked 81-90 by THE and is a great option for your MS
  5. University of New South Wales: It has a global ranking of 91-100 and offers some great MS programs.

Apart from the above-mentioned, students can choose from institutes like University of Ballarat and Monash University as well for MS degrees. So, if you have decided to pursue an MS from abroad, Australia is definitely the place!
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