7 Offbeat Career Options You Can Look For

Gone are the days when only blue collar jobs used to pay you well and offer you a respectable social footings. Now it's time for a change in career decisions. You can steer clear of those jobs that though offer you a handsome salary at the end of the month, but do nothing to make the work fun for you. You can look into to some amazing options when it's time for focusing on different jobs and the prospect they offer. So here is a list of 7 unusual career options that is sure to pique your interest. 

1# Special Educator:

If teaching is your thing but teaching in public school bores you, you can always choose to be a special educator. There are many children as well as elders who are in dire need of special education. Your teaching skills and your patience will play a vital role in this field. Your job will require:

  • Identify the students who are specially disable physically or mentally
  • Identify their needs as it will vary from each student
  • To find a correspondence with normal education by your method of teaching
  • To work with patience and make learning interesting for these students.

2# Career Counselor:

Many job seekers as well as students find it difficult to find a career that will suit them the best. As a career counselor you can help them find out what they need. What you need to do is:

  • Weigh different options of job and education according to their needs
  • Help them to decide how to solve the confusion regarding suitable courses
  • Ensure help in finding the right career by assessing their needs and characteristics.

3# Translator In T.V.:

National geography has started airing their programs in various regional languages. Probably you can be the translator of your favorite program in your own regional language. Yes, now English is not the only language that can get you a job. Even your mother tongue can be the reason that you will land your job as a translator for a popular tv channel. You just need to be proficient in that very language you are going to translate into as well as the language you are translating from. 

4# Behavioral Scientist:

Are you an introvert? You are reluctant to talk but fascinated by the behaviors of man and animal alike?  Not a problem. Make your fascination a tool to earn money. Become a behavioral scientist. Study human and animal behavior. There are huge prospect of behavioral science:

  • To work with the organization that  deals with drug and alcohol addicts
  • To tie up with NGOs that helps the victims of sexual abuse and domestic abuse
  • To work with the children brought up in unprivileged atmosphere, specially red light areas or foster homes.

Though you should understand that behavioral science is a little different than social studies as it focuses solely on the internal patterns of someone's thought. 

5# Food Columnist:

Are you very much interested in cooking as well as maintaining your food habit healthy? Then it's your calling. As a food columnist your job is to give the taste buds of people a fresh yet tasty change and teach them a way to make healthy food without compromising with the taste. Your columns and articles     will contain not only recipes but a way to stay fit and in shape.

You can also give away some secrets that you have learned from your mother, the tips that you have heard from some aged aunt or  some authentic recipes of traditional food items. 

6# Sleep Scientist:

Yes, maybe it sounds funny. But trust me when I say it is an interesting job. Behavioral pattern of human being is quite easier to gauge as compared to the science of sleep. A normal person devotes 30% time of the life to sleep properly. But what happens when we sleep? Psychologists are equally baffled as we are. So here comes the scope for sleep scientists. They study the sleep and the physical and mental conditions that are associated with sleep. 

7# Voice Over Artist:

Do you know who is Clarence Nash? If you don't then listen. He is the famous voice behind our adorable Donald Duck. He lent the duck his voice for 50 years. If you have that hidden talent in you to talk in various weird and funny voices, it's time to exploit it. Give your voice over to some newly aired animation series. And this is a real fun job indeed.

So you have a long way to tread ahead. Choose the options that suites you the best and add fun and satisfaction in your job.

Author Bio:

Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

image credit: Stuart Miles
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