Hard Hat Required: Jobs With the Biggest Risks

There are thousands of different job options in various industries. Every job has its risks, however some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. Here are some of the most dangerous jobs for workers and their associated risks:

Construction Laborers

The construction industry is unfortunately the one where work-related deaths are the most common. Those who work in construction are also among the most likely to be injured in a workplace accident. Any John Lozano law office will say that many work related injuries come from the construction trades. Risks of construction jobs include falls, getting injured by machinery, or being struck with a heavy object.

Taxi Drivers

Driving a taxi, especially in a large city where crime is common, can be a very dangerous job. It's not the driving part that is actually dangerous most of the time. In fact, relatively few taxi drivers are injured or killed in traffic accidents. Instead, many taxi drivers are injured or killed during robberies, or assaults by unruly passengers. This risk increases when working at night, where more passengers are under the influence or drugs or alcohol.

Waste and Recyclable Material Collectors

Being a garbage man certainly isn't the most prestigious job in the world. Add the dangers associated with it and you will now have an idea as to why few kids will proudly proclaim that they want to be a waste collector when they grow up. Collecting waste and recyclable materials is risky, as workers are exposed to hazardous materials, which could potentially be toxic and impact their health. According to the law office of John Lozano, a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, TX, there are also numerous accidents where workers suffer an injury as a result of the heavy equipment used on the job, or are involved in traffic accidents.

Commercial Fishermen

Being a commercial fisherman is very different than sitting in a canoe on a placid lake with a fishing rod in hand. Commercial fishermen will often need to go out into stormy waters and use heavy equipment that poses additional hazards. Practically all deaths and serious injuries in the fishing industry involves fishing vessels that capsized, or workers who have fallen overboard and drowned.


On a per capita basis, logging is the most dangerous job in the US, with 128 deaths for every 100,000 people involved in the industry. Not only does it involve heavy physical labor, but also a very real risk of contact injuries. Many loggers are seriously injured or killed each year as a result of trees falling on them.

All these jobs pose a certain risk to those brave enough to work them. You might be surprised how many accidents occur on the job every year.
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