Building a Resume in Ways You've Never Thought of

Thomas Jefferson believed in luck, and he noticed that the harder he worked, the more luck he had. Times may have changed since Jefferson's era, but hard work still has a way of paying off. When you enter the job market, you must understand that you have already begun working for the company that will hire you. All you have to do is help your future company find you.

Build A Resume with Swaggar

You live in a revolutionary time with the era of social networking through the internet. Networking has become a skill you must be equipped with to face the job market differently. You must be a little creative to gain an edge and get a step up.

Info-graphic Resume

One interesting way to get noticed is to present an info-graphic resume. The info-graphic resume may work better if you're seeking a job that requires visual data, such as web design. The intention of this resume is to grab your employer's attention with bubbles of information. This resume is a stylized version of the Venn diagram. The average attention span of adults is quite short, and this resume shoots information quickly to the reader, and it is visually arresting.

A Flickering Resume

Presenting yourself as a star in the hiring world may not be such a bad idea. Think about producing a brief video that presents your skills, or an introduction of yourself to possible employers. Many people would prefer to see rather than read. This an opportunity for you to show off your personality and communication skills. Information has shown that many employers are looking for likability, among other traits. Be sure that your video is produced professionally either by you, or a professional.

Webisite Yourself

Build a website for yourself. This is a professional site that you can direct your potential employers to. This personal website should showcase your best features as a potential employee. This format shows your employer that you are a product of the present times, and you understand this. Make sure that the website is built professionally and is always current.

A Few Things To Consider

When it comes to your resume, you do not want to see empty spaces in your work-related experiences. So, what can you do? It may be a good idea to volunteer in the industry you want a job in. Many employers will prefer people who have volunteered, since it shows initiative on your part. And don't forget that many employers consider internships to be entry-level work which can help you in your resume. For example an intern with a NEC master of public policy will do a lot better than just having the degree alone. If you get the opportunity for an internship, do not hesitate to take it. In addition to volunteering, you may want to try a few ventures in entrepreneurship. Employers love people who can get things done without a push. Don't just say you are a go-getter, show it.

The tools to succeed are there. There are numerous ways that you can showcase your talents and skills. Add those tools to your experience, and you become a formidable job-seeker. The bottom line is that your future job has to find you in a sea of fish. Make sure you are the fish making the biggest splash.
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