Dress The Part: 5 Wardrobe Suggestions For Your Next Job Interview

Today's job market is very competitive, so you want to be ready to impress at your job interview. The following tips will help you choose the perfect outfit for your interview, even if you are dealing with a limited budget.

Research the Company

You cannot decide what is best to wear to your interview if you don't know anything about the company. Performing an Internet search will provide you with information regarding a company's activities and corporate culture.

Consider Your Goals

When you are preparing your outfit, do not just think about this specific interview. Instead, consider your goals within the company. Perhaps you are applying for an entry level job, but you have your sites set on an eventual management position. Dress for the position that you want, not necessarily the position that you are interviewing for. It is always better to aim high!

Prepare in Advance

Throwing an outfit together the day of your interview is a sure way to be stressed out and frustrated. You do not want to find out that your suit is missing a button or your dress needs to be dry cleaned the morning of your interview. Start planning your attire as soon as you book the interview. This will give you adequate time to find the perfect look.

Stick with the Classics

Unless you are interviewing for a high fashion job, your job interview is not the time to showcase your personal style and flair. Classic, professional attire never goes out of style.

For corporate interviews, men should wear a dark suit, along with a coordinating dress shirt and tie. A solid color business suit is also a great choice for ladies.

Steer clear of large, bold accessories, and make sure that your suit is freshly pressed and fits well.

Be Comfortable

Your job interview is not the best time to break in a new pair of shoes or wear a dress for the first time. When you find an outfit that you like, take some time to walk around and sit down in it. You want to make sure that it looks great and that you are comfortable in each position.

The right interview outfit will give you an extra boost of confidence as you show why you are a good fit for the company. In addition to planning your attire, make sure that you also take some time to develop thoughtful answers to common interview questions.
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