Careers in Demand: Which Jobs Can You Get Into Quickly?

Though many careers require at least a four-year degree for entry-level candidates to be considered, a whole slew of jobs actually require far less education in order for qualified applicants to hit the ground running, and start a successful career. Before opting for tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and nearly a half-decade in the classroom, consider some of the most in-demand positions that currently require far less educational preparation for entry-level work.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants 

One of the quirks of the legal profession is that those who work either as paralegals or legal assistants are currently not subject to strict regulation in the United States. That means attorneys can hire paralegals who have no formal education in the law, making this a particularly easy field to get into. Despite this quirk, many paralegals do opt for one-year certification programs or a two-year degree in the field in order to enhance their chances in a competitive marketplace. With the legal profession changing rapidly, and paralegals one of the strongest areas of job growth, this is a sure bet for many.

Entry-Level Accountants and Bookkeepers 

The highest-level accounting jobs, which are often executive in nature, do require extensive educational credentials. At the entry-level, however, those who engage in basic accounting and bookkeeping for smaller organizations will find that a two-year degree suffices. With strong growth in this field, and particularly healthy salaries for professionals at all levels, this might be a no-brainer for those individuals who are particularly good with numbers, and enjoy the predictable structure of a low-key office environment.

Dental Hygienists, Assistants, and Secretaries 

Though the dental professionals at Eastgate Dental Centre are among the most friendly and professional people in the field, their education requirements are career-focused, and designed to be a bit more quickly satisfied than those in other fields. When seeing a Dentist in Grimsby, keep in mind that most dental professionals take part in two-year degree programs, on-the-job training, and ongoing professional education, making this lucrative field a bit easier to get into than virtually all other medical and nursing professions open to those with a four-year degree.

Many professionals simply don't want to go through a full, four-year degree program before getting started with the career of their dreams. From legal work to the intricate nature of dentistry, there are plenty of professions that cater to this preference. With on-the-job training, two-year courses of study, and easier entry-level requirements, these positions are both educationally expedient and quite promising.
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