The Ins-and-Outs of a Digital Career

If you're interested in a career found in the digital industry, you will greatly benefit from earning a degree in digital media. Perhaps you've already earned a degree and now you're wondering what you can do with it. The good news is that there are many career paths you can follow. From becoming a digital media specialist to a software designer to a multimedia consultant, your occupational choices really are endless. For those of you haven't yet earned a degree, there are certain courses that you will need to take, which include:

- Computer programming
- Illustration principles
- Digital media trends
- Graphic designs and imaging
- Video filming

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Popular Career Choices

Search Engine Optimization Consultant

In today's digital era, almost all businesses are taking their services online. Whether it be the creation of nicely formatted blog or an entire website, businesses are in desperate need of search engine optimization (SEO) consultants. In this line of work, you will be responsible for optimizing the content that they display so that it will achieve high rankings on search engines' search result pages. In some instances, you may even be in charge of creating the content. If you take on more than one client at a time, you will likely outsource much of the content creation that takes place. To be successful as an SEO consultant, you will need to have excellent writing skills, including proper grammar and spelling capabilities.

Web Designer

If you are interested in web design, the courses that you take to earn a digital technology degree need to focus on subjects directly related to the occupation of a web designer. Such courses will include:

- Web design
- Multimedia production
- Usability testing
- Visual communication theories
- Web publishing
- Digital arts and design
- Web-based interactivity

Keep in mind that your employment opportunities will be broadened if you acquire certification as a web designer. With a degree and/or certification, you will likely be able to land a job under any of the following titles:

- Web producer
- Graphic artist
- Web publications specialist

Application Developer

For those of you looking to become an application developer, you will need a degree in computer science. In addition, you will need to continue your education on a regular basis to keep up ever-changing aspects of app development technology. The degree that you earn needs to focus on the following topics:

- Computer languages
- Data structuring
- Computer programming
- System design

For higher-up positions, you will need to earn a master's degree, which will provide you with a much more in-depth knowledge on the topics listed above. Understand that before you are likely to land a job as in app development, most employers will prefer that you have several years of work experience under your belt. Because of this, it is extremely helpful for you to land an entry-level job as soon as possible while completing your degree coursework. Your main responsibilities as an app developer will include:

- Working alongside computer analysts
- Creating the source code found in an application
- Maintaining the code
- Coordinating application plans
- Designing an assortment of prototype applications

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