Interested in Healthcare Administration? Four Things to Expect Out of this Career

Hospital administrators spend their time overseeing the daily operations of a hospital. Everything from personnel management to communicating with insurance companies is handled by hospital administrators. To enter into this line of work, a person will need to acquire at least a bachelor's degree; however, most hospitals prefer to employ  administrators who possess a master's degree or higher. Anyone looking to enter this occupation needs to know the four things that are to be expected out of this career.

Job Security

CNN Money has given the occupation of hospital administration a grade of "A." This grade mostly comes from the high rate of satisfaction found in this career. With a 22 percent projected growth rate expected through the year 2020, job stability and security is ensured for those choosing to become a hospital administrator.


Hospital administrators tend to spend a large portion of their time traveling. For someone who enjoys traveling and has no immediate family, the traveling aspects of being a hospital administrator are a "plus." On the other hand, for those who have families, the traveling part of the job can be a bit of a headache.

Great Pay

No matter the hospital a hospital administrator finds his or herself working in, it is almost guaranteed that he or she will make good money. The top 10 percent of those working in this field tend to make upwards of $150,000 a year. CNN lists the occupation of hospital administrator as the No. 36 best job to have in the United States. Your pay will most likely depend on experience in the beginning, but after you stick with it for a few years, you will have built up enough experience to make a good living for yourself.


Hospital administrators have to work long hours and they are responsible for a large amount of duties. For many hospitals, it is the administrator that acts as its ears and eyes, carrying out both business planning functions and budgeting-related tasks. Anyone looking to go into this line of work needs to understand the importance of being extremely detailed oriented as courts have often held hospital administrators legally liable for a number of issues that occur in a hospital.

Choosing to go to college and become a hospital administrator is a great career move to make. It is important that lots of experience will be needed to excel in this line of work, meaning a lower-level position needs to be secured as soon as possible. Even if it's working as an emergency room check-in representative, any experience will prove to be very valuable.

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This article was written by Dixie, a freelance writer who loves writing for business, finance, technology, and women's interests. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. According to Red Cell Medical Supply, in 2016, the average pay of a hospital administrator was more than $90,385 a year. While salary varies among positions, a career in health administration could be worth considering if you are interested in the field and feel you have the skills to make a good career of it.
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