Finding a Career in the Hair & Beauty Industry

There are many more opportunities available for people entering the hair and beauty industry than there was only a few years ago, the sector has seen a consistent growth in the past few years in all areas including the sales of grooming products for men, cosmetics for women, with many more salons and establishments including an increase in tanning salons, nails bars, brow bars and hair salons.

No matter what area of the beauty industry you’re looking in to, the same rules should apply to the tips provided below, for a newbie or a first time job hunter within the industry or someone with previous experience.

Make an Introduction

Before you start anything, even before you introduce yourself, it’s a good idea to create a CV based around the type of roles you’re interested in, attached with a cover letter written around the company you’re applying to. It’s good practice to create a cover letter unique to that role and place, for example outlining experience for that role and why you would like to work there, maybe you’ve been a happy customer in the past and really like their services.

When you’ve taken care of your resume and appropriate cover letters for the individual roles, it’s a good idea to go into the hair salon or beauty salon and give your CV to a manager or someone with authority, this isn’t 100% effective but it’s a good strategy for being remembered for future roles, increasing the likelihood that you will be remembered over the possible dozens of applications that the salon already has. There are also agencies and websites specialised in hair and beauty recruitment that may help finding a job in the industry. If you follow some of the points below for writing your CV you may see a good response:

  • Gather and write down all experience within industry.
  • Identify any other roles you’ve had in the past, and draw out the key skills from the role e.g.) If previously worked in a restaurant identify your customer service skills, cash handling experience etc.
  • Outline all qualifications, awards, certification for anything even if you think it’s not relevant, e.g.) first aid certificate, driving license.
  • Format resume correctly, examples can be found on the internet, a clear, neat document that’s easy to read.
  • Try and stick below 2 pages in length.
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and errors.

Start at the Bottom

The idea of entering the hair and beauty industry for the first time may seem great, but there are still many hurdles in the way of getting the ideal you desire as there is a lot of competition on the market with a lot of people most probably applying for the role that you’re going for. If you’re a newbie to the industry it’s important to remember that you are likely to start at the bottom – don’t worry, many people have done this in the past and it’s a great way to gain experience. The downsides may include anti-social hours such as evening hours weekends shift patterns, but showing your potential employer that you would be happy to do these duties tells the employer that you are really passionate about the industry. It’s common that these lower paid roles and responsibilities lead onto bigger opportunities in the future.

If you stick with your job search, and the guidelines above an opportunity will develop. It’s important to put the hard work in in at the beginning as you the telephone call with an invitation to come in is only around the corner.

Author Bio:

Josh Chamberlain is a copywriter for Salon Job Seeker, specialist recruiters within the hair and beauty industry. Josh has many years of experience within the recruitment industry throughout many sectors.

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