Coaching Career: Do You Have What it Takes?

Becoming an athletic coach can be a rewarding experience whether you work with adults or kids. If you have a natural love of the sport, and some hands-on experience, you may already possess the building blocks you need to be successful as a working coach. If you have ever wondered whether you have what it takes to start a coaching career, this short article will give you helpful tips to think about.

Athletic Training Skills

The first thing you will need to be successful as a swim, or athletic coach is a way to translate what you know about the sport into a curricula that you can teach to others. You might want to enroll in a coaching course if you have never taught any courses before. You can also read books or attend a SwimJim of Houston class to audit it as a participant. There are various certifications you can take as well.

Communication Skills

Coaching is teaching, and teaching is all about communicating. If you want to work with a particular age group, such as seniors, individuals being rehabilitated from an injury, or kids, think about what you need to know about communicating to that specific population. You will be speaking in public, so also be sure you feel confident and comfortable with your own speaking skills so you can present the material clearly.

Time Management Skills

 As a coach, you may end up juggling group lessons with private sessions. Perhaps you will work just at one coaching facility, or maybe you will work at several facilities. You will need to wear many hats to be sure your classes are scheduled with enough time to get from one to the next, as well as to be sure you get paid for your time, and that you have enough work lined up to earn your living.

Get an Internship or Assistant Position

Finally, if you are still not sure a coaching career is for you, try to get a short-term internship or assistant position so you can watch an experienced coach at work. You can also ask working coaches for an informational interview so you can ask them questions about their coaching career.

If you ensure you have training ability, communication and time management skills, and a good career fit, you can begin your new career as a coach with confidence.
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