Aiming to be a Hotel Manager: Know What All It Requires Be One

If you are competent in managing staff and go well along with others, then hotel industry is the right fit for you. Responsible for day to day management activities and its staff, a hotel manager has lot of responsibilities to share. Aspiring students who are keen to pursue a career in hotel industry have much to comply with. Read on here and get an aerial glance over what lies in the store for you.

Employment Opportunities

Definitely the job market is the first thing to contemplate over. Hotel industry is the cardinal part of the hospitality industry and has wide employment opportunities propelling.  Globalization plays a pivot role and boosts the industry forward. With increasing westernization and more and more countries getting influenced by it, hotel industry is going all global.

With increase in the number of hotels established each year and the swelling expenditure in the industry, the opportunities in the sector are anticipated increase by large. Many big and small cities are thriving to come up with new hotels opportunities. Rise in the number of hotels creates demand for trained professionals. The swelling demand catches the eyeballs from the class of aspiring students and many plans to pursue a career in it.

Are you a right fit for it?

Better pay packets and thriving employment opportunities should not be the only criteria for you to enroll in the course. Before plunging in to the hotel management course, analyze the pros and cons. Growth prospects, personality traits, work profile and others. It can be an upsetting thing if you enrolled for the course but fail to cope up with the industry requirements and pressure. Many aspirants even go depressed under unfavorable conditions. To avoid this, self-introspect and then make a move.

Job Description

Although the career is seen as the most glamorous jobs but it requires professionals who can keep their calm and cool in the challenging situations. The roles defined for a hotel manager varies. He may be responsible for managing the staff and day to day activity of a hotel, a cruise management, looks after catering services, tourism associations, airline catering, club management, cabin services, airline industry and others.

There are several profiles in the hotel industry and as per the work experience and degree in hand the positions are offered. But to work in the top management and middle management, an aspirant need to have a degree in hand. As against earlier nowadays, a diploma or degree in the discipline is important to chalk a career as a hotel manager.

How to gain entry into professional institute

The minimum eligibility criterion for hotel management courses is 10+2 with 50% marks. If you are targeting to the leading institutes of the country, then independent entrance exam is the criteria on which the professionals are judged and selected. Many institutes offer comprehensive training programs along with rigorous placement offers, students can apply for these or can choose to consider other opportunities.

Cost to be a Hotel Manager

Different colleges have different fees structures. The cost varies whether the student opts for degree course or diploma. The usual fees structure charged is 3 lacs exclusive of the hostel and lodging facilities.  Students who are not willing to shell exorbitant for a degree from top management colleges can opt for diploma courses from the same institute.

Demand and Supply of Hotel Professionals

Across the globe the state of hotel industry reflects a compelling demand for experienced professionals. Well-versed in the profession, the industry requires professionals who can cope up with different challenges and are self-motivated to manage stress levels. Many countries like India, witnesses high surge in the industry due to rising tourism. With shortage of adequate services, there is lot to be done to enhance the scenario here and thus the opportunities are swelling manifold.

On the international platform, the aspirants have wide scope and innumerable opportunities to explore. Many hotels like Ramada, Ryatt, Marrriott, and La Quinta have lucrative opportunities for the professionals graduating from top notch universities. The minimum salary of a hotel manager professional working in USA is USD 6000-7000.

Author Bio:

Writer by profession, Subhadra Bhadauria pools her writing work for leading educational site She apprises aspiring students about career in hotel management and the growing opportunities. The writer her done her mass communication and engages herself in novel writings.

photo credits: mrsiraphol
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