5 Amazing Careers in the World of Science

When you love everything science related, finding a job in that field is guaranteed to make you happy. Choose one of these amazing careers in the science field that allow you to work with medicine, machines, the earth along with other areas.


Roboticists are engineers who design and build robots. They use mechanical, manufacturing and electrical engineering to review designs, debug programs, servicing robots and testing robots. Robotic engineers must be good with mathematics, computer programming, drafting and computer-aided design. While people interested in this field can find work with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree advances salary opportunities and better career options.


Understanding pro-creations, genes, heredity and varieties of living things, all living things, is the job of a geneticist. People in this area of science often work in laboratories and as lecturers in college. Geneticists take courses in molecular genetics, population genetics, genomics, ecological genetics and quantitative genetics. Gene therapy, biotechnology, genetic disorders and abnormalities in genes are all areas where geneticists find careers.


Those who discover Earth's natural resources such as water, minerals and oil are known as geoscientists. A geoscientist studies the composition, structure and processes of the earth to learn about its past, present and future. Some interesting tasks of a geoscientist could be to predict the next volcanic eruption, decipher the best place to put a bridge in an area prone to earthquakes and measure the earth's gravitational pull. A master's degree is required in this field.

Forensic Scientists

People who are interested in solving mysteries can become a forensic scientist. After evidence from a crime scene is gathered, the forensic scientists analyze physical evidence, oftentimes using microscopes, such as the ones found at microscope.com. After analysis, the information found is presented during a court trial. Those interested in this field take classes in chemistry, biology, criminology, statistics and a variety of other classes.

Atmospheric Scientists

Predicting what the atmosphere is going to be like is the job of an atmospheric scientist. Synonymous with meteorologists, atmospheric scientists produce weather maps, measure temperature, humidity and air pressure, issues weather-related warnings to save lives and develop computer models to analyze atmospheric data. Atmospheric scientists only need bachelor's degrees, and those who wish to appear on television should take communications classes as well.

Anyone who did well in and enjoyed science classes in high school could consider becoming one of the many types of scientists available.

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