Why Your Company Should Hire an Apprentice

Upcoming businesses or start-ups know the value of interns. Interns can do all the grunt work, whether that’s running errands or simply making coffee for the whole office. The intern model has been tried and tested for many years by a myriad of different companies, and for the most part you get what you pay for, and most places usually pay nothing. However, more and more companies are discovering the power of hiring Apprentices. City and Guilds offer lots of information about Apprenticeships and what they can do for your company.

Apprentices are sometimes viewed as similar to interns, but apprenticeships can be a much more powerful asset to a growing company. Hiring an apprentice means that you can allow someone to learn from your trade and become valuable to your workforce. Rather than having an intern for a few months at most, an apprentice can work for you for years and there are many ways that an apprentice can add value to your company.

Creating Skilled Workers

It can be difficult recruiting skilled workers that are affordable at the start of a company. Taking on apprentice means that you can hire someone with enthusiasm in a skill and some experience in the field and train them up to your standards. This is particularly useful if a department or person needs support in their work, an Apprentice can learn quickly on the job and help out anyone who is struggling. Companies who can’t fill these skill gaps will find themselves in trouble in later years if current staff decide to leave, with an already trained Apprentice you don’t have that issue.

Fresh Ideas

Unlike interns, apprentices are expected to help the company and suggest ideas. Interns are usually too shy or too concerned about being let go to offer anything helpful, which is understandable as interns don’t tend to work at companies for long periods of time. Apprentices can offer a fresh perspective and new ideas which incredibly important to a new and growing business. They also probably have a better grasp on trending online ideas in that sector as younger people tend to be ahead of the curb when it comes to predicting cultural shifts. Even if your company is young, there is a chance you may be missing out on some cutting edge ideas, an apprentice can bring vitality and passion to your organization.

The Bottom Line

Companies and employers are usually put off by the perceived cost of hiring an apprentice. In reality, hiring an apprentice is a wise investment. Apprentices usually pay for themselves within a few years by boosting productivity and making companies more effective. At the end of their apprenticeship you can hire a trained employee whose already been working for you for a number of years.

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