Prognosis on Mining Jobs and Income Protection

Knowing what the future holds would be, at least at times, amazingly helpful. That crystal ball would be mid table most of the time, don’t you agree? But alas, it doesn’t work that way, we have to rely on numbers of the past to make tentative predictions for the future. We can also keep our eyes on innovations in different fields to see what might be. None of these methods are always accurate, however they can help point us in the right direction. Here are a few jobs that are in high demand and constantly evolving in the mining industry:


This is a position that educators are recommending to study towards because these professionals are in high demand. It’s a good choice for someone that knows and wants to intensify their chemistry, physics and math studies and have an interest in science and engineering.

As a metallurgist you separate the minerals from their ores using different methods including electric and chemical. He/she also applies the separation methods for commercial quantities and continues developing methods to increase productivity and yield. Metallurgists are also responsible for applying the correct methods to treat waste materials and their storage.

Process Engineer

The position of process engineer is another very sought-after profession by the mining industry and looking to be one in the future as well. This position has a large impact on the cost/yield ratio of a mining enterprise.

The Process Engineer is responsible for converting impure and less valuable materials into commercially viable ones. The engineer also designs and develops new processing methods and applies them. This is also a position that will attract those interested in science and engineering and have a good grasp on math and science.

Mining Engineer

Skilled mining engineers are always in demand and therefore definitely positions of interest. Candidates for this career should be good with numbers, know their science and be business savvy. The engineer is involved in every aspect of the structural development of a mine. This includes above and underground operations. The position is also in charge of the safe and economically sound development of the mine.  Mining engineers also oversee production processes and have a hand in the rehabilitation process after closure. Costing and scheduling as well as health and safety issues, such as ventilation are all part of the responsibilities. It is a very demanding position and if you’re not wanting a challenge this would not be a good fit for you.

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics

These are careers that will outlast most because nothing goes if the equipment isn’t working properly. You can have a mine full of the coveted minerals but you’re not going to be able to extract them without the help of the heavy duty equipment involved in mining.

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the heavy duty equipment, such as mobile mining crushers, wheel loader, dozers and blast-hole drills. If it breaks down they are responsible for the timely repair. If you like to know how things tick and are interested in motors this would be a great job for you.

Income Protection

Having a great career is a good thing but it’s not a guarantee that your standards will always be met. And we all know once we are used to a certain way of life and lifestyle, it’s hard to downgrade or downsize.  The question is what can you do to protect your way of life? Aside from getting the education you need to qualify for a top job and to keep up on the innovations in your line of work, you can be proactive by looking into services such as Suncorp, to supplement the benefits your employer offers. It’s better to look into these things now than wait until it’s too late.

It’s decision time. What are you going to do to start the rest of your life? You are going to make based an informed decision by evaluating the above information, along with all the other information you have collected, and start moving into your future. Go get ‘em!

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