Can Social Media Help You Find A Job?

More and more people are signing up to social media websites to connect with their friends and family. But do these websites offer job search possibilities? Is it possible to find out about vacancies or link to hiring managers via the internet?


LinkedIn is a social media website that is targeted at working people. People who join LinkedIn are encouraged to list their current and past jobs and companies that they have worked for. Members then connect with people they know. If you are using LinkedIn to find work, the key to success is not who you already know. The secret lies in checking out who your connections have connected to. For example, if you are interested in working for a particular company, check out whether one of your existing connections is connected to someone who works there. You may be able to persuade your connection to arrange an introduction, allowing you to send your CV directly to someone in the company.

Of course, being introduced to someone may not get you a job. If there are no suitable vacancies, or if the person you are introduced to has no say in hiring decisions, this route is unlikely to move your job search forward.


If you have been using your Twitter account for socialising, you may want to update your profile to make it more employer-friendly. Adjust your bio to reflect the qualities that an employer will be searching for and use hashtags that are relevant to your chosen career.

Some recruiters will send out tweets when vacancies become available. By following companies that you are interested in working for or generic recruitment companies, you can receive vacancy updates via Twitter.

Twitter is also a useful networking tool. You can make people aware that you are job-hunting by tweeting about your job search progress. Always keep you tweets upbeat and professional remember Twitter is an open forum so any negativity can be read by anyone.

Job Search Websites:

The more tried and tested method of job hunting online is the use of job boards or job search websites. By searching websites, such as Essential Personnel, you can find out which companies have current vacancies that match your skill set. By signing up to email newsletters and alerts, you can be updated as new jobs become available. Log on regularly to the Essential Personnel website to read recruitment tips on the blog that could help you land the job of your dreams.

So, can social media help you to find employment? The answer is yes and no. Social media acts like a technical version of networking. It allows you to connect with people who may help you progress in your career. However, like traditional networking, it can be a large investment of time for very little return. If you are out of work or have time to spare, social media may be a useful addition to your job-hunting toolkit. However, if you have limited time to spend on your job search, you may find that you have more success by logging on to targeted recruitment websites.

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Steven Pearson has extensive experience in recruitment. His articles mainly appear on job sites and blogs.

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