Tips that Can Help Nurses Excel in their Career

There are currently more than 2.5 million nurses employed in the United States only. Nursing provides a huge workforce opportunity in the healthcare system. It is straightforward taking a career in nursing but very challenging. The successful nurse shows love for the job and caring for the sick, patience and continual learning spirit. To be successful in the industry, one must also maintain a high degree of professionalism while serving the health care sector and being in close communication with both the families and patients.

Only those who effectively handles the pressure sees the light at the end of the day and benefits from the rewarding career path that have proved to provide several opportunities for advancement. Here is a brief but detailed discussion on basic tips to help nurses excel in their careers, follow these tips dwp and be successful in the nursing career.

Education and Preparation for the Future

It is worth to set oneself apart from the rest; one must perform well at the high school level. To join nursing, it's expected that one have attained a 3.6 average grade point from high school. Just like the shortage has been rampant, there is also a high scramble for the few posts available in the top positions. It is also important that one enroll in college preparatory courses. One would require four years of Social Studies, English, Sciences and Math with courses in algebra, physiology, biology, chemistry and anatomy.

College Education

After acquiring good grades from high school it is time attend college, get a degree or diploma in nursing. To begin a career in nursing, there are two options: licensed vocational/practical nursing or registered nurse. A licensed practical nurse works under and is supervised by the registered nurse, taking care of patients.

Nursing Licensing  

Obtain a valid license that will allow nursing practice in the respective nursing. It is wise to contact the Nursing Board to provide the requirements and help in getting a license for the registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) or the licensed practical nurses (NCLEX-PN) exams. One is called upon to sit for an examination immediately after graduation to ascertain better results.

Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Nursing

To have even better chances of excelling in the nursing career, pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). A BSN degree will allow the holder to meet administrative and supervisory roles for instance, nursing manager an MSN will give the holder the opportunity to advance to special roles like nursing administrator or to file for certification for instance certified registered nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner or specialist.


It is true that there are lots of opportunities in the nursing sector; it is also true that one can easily secure a job in the health care field. But it is not an easy task excelling in the sector, only handful dedicated nurses do get to the top of the list. These tips sound simple but they require patience, time and dedication. To be successful one does not only require the education, it requires passion, and love for the patients, it requires one to be open and dedicate entire life to socialism and service provision.

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