Jobs in Animation - Animators And Artists Are Not The Only Ones To Get Them

Thinking about animation generates images of skilled artists bend over a desk, sketching visuals for hours. job in the animation industry is not limited to artists and animators only, but skilled writers, professional computer engineers, and experienced technical directors can also get jobs in this industry. Let us look at the profile of each of this professional, who contributes to make the animation process successful. The fact, however, is that creating an animation requires collaborated skills of many talented and skilled professionals. While animators and artists may play a major role in the creation of an animation, writers, computer engineers, and technical directors also play crucial roles in the process. That is why,


Artists are responsible for creating detailed illustrations for storylines, environments, character emotions, unique anatomies, and so on. An artist could be a storyboard artist, visual development artist, or layout artist. Being an artist requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy, architecture, environment, volume, weight, weather, and many other such objects and subjects. Individuals wanting to become animation artists should have a natural talent of drawing and sketching, as well.


Animators are responsible for bringing the artists’  work to life using various animation techniques such as 2D animation and 3D animation. To become an animator, one needs to have a thorough knowledge in 2D or 3D animation software applications such as Maya, Cinema 4D, 3dsmax, and so on. Furthermore, the individual should also know various animation techniques such as motion capture, cel-shaded animation, machinima, and so on. The goal of the animators is to create lifelike movement, weather it is about people or something else.


Providing the animation a core, writers are vital to the process. Writers write stories, describe characters movement, and outlines how the entire world is going to be for the animation project. Writers, in the animation industry, is one career that does not require any art or technical skills; however, a writer should have the skills to communicate creative ideas, effectively.

Computer Engineers

Transforming and collaborating the artistic work into a final product falls to the support of software and hardware engineers. These engineers should transform the needs of animators into feasible solutions. To do this, they must have knowledge of various software packages, operating systems, and hardware systems. In addition, these engineers should have a fair knowledge of art and animation industry.

Technical Directors

Embracing the management and collaborative skills, directors direct teams of artists, animators, writers, and computer engineers. The technical directors have an understanding of the entire project. They support each team member and ensure all tasks are executed as per the project plan.

If an individual possesses skills for any of the above professions, he or she can certainly get a job in the animation industry. Jobs in the animation industry are certainly competitive, but not something, which is impossible to get.

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