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Indian industry is highly competitive; it is exceedingly upgrading itself with newest technologies. It is foraying in various segments to widely expand its market, chalking a path of development. Therefore array of job opportunities are available for variety of profiles, but finding the right platform meeting your requirements can be tedious affair, in fact disappointing most of the time.

Well if this is the scenario with you too; don’t worry as this article may assist you to find reputed job opportunities satiating your monetary demands. But prior to searching a job opportunity and mentioning the salary package, it is really necessary to gain a clear understanding of the market scenario.

Your requisite experience in the industry might to gain in vain if you did not analyze the prevalent supply and demand in the market. To start up with, try to find whether the job you have applied for have enough employers of not, if yes you won’t be having dearth of opportunities. Secondly focus on the salary packages offered by the various employers. This may help you with exact scenario of the industry and indeed can serve you with plenty of opportunities. A comprehensive understanding of the business you are willing to enter in can help you to draw a clear picture, and skillfully you can choose your employers.

There are various high paid jobs which might skillfully meet your end requirement, adding another mile to the career. Analyzing the market scenario below are few high ranking jobs in the nation with lucrative salary packages.

Information Technology

Paving the path of development for its citizens and bringing in various innovative technologies, India opens wide gateways for the IT professionals. Multinationals foraying in the country and rendering customer services to their target audience abroad generate plethora of employment opportunities for several within the nation. India is recognized as the IT hub, with various experts and professionals cropping up and contributing to the country’s wealth. With good work experience in the IT sector, the job aspirants can fetch a respectable salary package around 8 lacs-15 lacs.

Chartered Accountants

If you have been working as a chartered accountant for years and willing to switch your present organization for a job in India, then you have bright career in the country. Many organizations are expanding their operation activities and therefore professional expertise is required to keep a proper track of monetary flux. With expanding income levels, a part of the income is to be given to the GOI as an annual income return. This calculation of earning is basically done by the Chartered Accountant. The industry is opportunistic and provides various prospects for several. A chartered accountant can raise a handsome salary package of approximately 8 lacs to 12 lacs.

Management Jobs

Management courses open wide opportunities for the aspirants especially if done from reputed institutes as in IIM’s. Many organizations are keen to hire professionals and experts who are graduated from such colleges and offering high packages up to 12 lacs. Management provides plethora of job opportunities, as management is the basic platform; no organization can work without effective implementation of management practices. Various disciplines as in HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance and other furnish numerous job opportunities to all.

Airline Industry

With development in various sectors and segments of the country, Airline has widened too. The industry has expanded its wings with various flights running to different routes. This has not only provided better travel and tourism experience to the individuals but has furnished array of employment opportunities. Not only the pilot but other jobs associated to the sector are also furnished with sound salary offers as in air hostess, operations, and others.

Medical Industry

If you have completed a course in medicines and looking for job in the domain, then relax as plenty of opportunities are accessible. Deteriorating health standards of the population and contagious infection bothering, demand for proficient and industry experts have been developed. Doctors are being positioned at high positions as a surgeon, gynecologist, heart specialist and much more with better salaries being earned.

Above are few well-paid jobs of the country ensuring high returns to the job aspirants in various sectors.

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Subhadra Bhadauria writes on behalf of Naukri.com. She apprises her readers about latest information on different job openings. There are plenty of job search sites which aspirants can explore. She takes a glance at the market scenario and highlights various high paying jobs in the country.

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