Getting Your First IT Job

If you are newly qualified, finding your first IT role can be a little tricky. This is because, understandably, most firms are looking for people with experience. However, by taking an organised approach finding your first IT role need not be as difficult as you think. The key to is beginning to look in the right places.

Be Realistic

The first thing is to be realistic about the roles for which you can apply. Once you have qualified, it can be tempting to simply apply for the best paying jobs, ignoring the fact that the company is seeking somebody with experience. To be honest, this approach will be a complete waste of your time. As soon as the company skims through your application and gets to the empty experience section, your application will end up in the bin. You will have wasted your time and potentially the time of HR personnel tasked with filling the vacancy. Given the fact that the IT industry is a relatively small one you should do all that you can to avoid annoying people who are responsible for recruitment. It does not take long to get on their radar, for the wrong reason.

Start Small

A far better approach is to look for work as an intern at least at first. Doing so, will allow you to find your feet within the industry and fill out the all-important experience part of your CV. Alternatively, you could also consider joining a company as an apprentice. The play will be low, but you will be able to add to your qualifications as well as gaining much-needed experience. The fact that you have multiple qualifications should make you more marketable in the future, so it is an approach which can pay dividends.

Sign up for IT Job Boards

However, that does not mean you should completely rule out your first IT role being a full-time one. Most IT teams require people to do some of the grunt work. Therefore, on larger projects it is possible to find full-time, fully paid work even if you do not have much experience. The vast majority of these kinds of roles are advertised on IT job boards. Most of these roles are in large companies, who use online sites like the CW Jobs IT job board as their primary source of recruitment. Adding your CV to the top ranking IT job boards raises the possibility of your resume being seen by a company like this.

If you are going to list your CV on an IT job board take the time to make it look as professional as possible. Be honest about your level of experience, but do not forget to add details of even small projects you have worked on. Also, add links to things like your dissertation and any news clippings, including student press clippings about your work will significantly improve the chances of your being offered work. You need to take the time to tell prospective employers as much as you can about yourself. People are more likely to invite you for interview if they feel you are open and honest.

Author Bio:

Thomas Green has worked in computing for over 20 years and he recommends using the CW Jobs IT job board to find work and get your name out there.
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