The Top 3 Engineering Colleges in Delhi

Delhi is a busy commercial hub and the capital of India. Find out which engineering colleges are the best in the city, if you are aspiring to get a career in that particular direction. A concise list has been prepared on the best engineering colleges in Delhi.

Machines and mechanics is a line of profession that is so much in vogue today, as could have been hardly imagined in the past. However, that is the truth, and thus with the emergence of so many aspirants willing to study engineering as a veritable career option, there has also been the emergence of various colleges aspiring to give best education to these students. Especially in a city like Delhi, which is the heart of India, in spite of not being at its centre, Delhi is the busiest city in terms of transactions, both social and financial. In such a city, it is bound that students will flock to, and the inevitability that some of the best colleges in the country will set up base in the city.

One of the best colleges in the city for this discipline is the most prominent Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) which has been recognized as a university and has been gifted that status in recent times. It has years of experience added to its name, being set up pre-Independence in the year of 1941, then as Delhi Polytechnic, which later came to be known what it is today. The college is often termed as DelTech as a short abbreviation of its full name. It is one of the premier colleges in the whole country not just for the quality of education that it provides but also for all the facilities apart from education such as laboratory facilities. The college provides B.Tech and M.Tech degrees apart from the research degree, are also excellent from this institute, which may be called a pioneer in the field of engineering and technical education.

When in Delhi, and we are talking about engineering colleges, how can we forget to take the name of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi? The institute is one of the best, not only in the city but also in the whole country. This is of course, to be expected since the IITs are synonymous with quality and excellence. All the conventional courses are taught at the institute, which are taught at any other engineering college. The degrees that are delegated are the Bachelor of Technology and the Master of Technology, apart from the research degree which is a Ph.D. The institute also provides quality education in the Business Administration and Management Sciences, which in this case is a M.B.A. course.

A third college that comes to mind when we talk about quality in the field of engineering colleges is that of the Jamia Milia Islamia University, which has a fantastic faculty in the engineering department, and which as of today is one of the best colleges to study in the whole of Delhi. Not unlike any other college that specialises in the field of engineering and technology, this university also provides education in the field of Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering.


Now that you know about the best places to go to, get prepared. Of course, these are not the only ones; there are loads of other colleges, which are equally good and equally efficient in this field, so research as much as you can before taking a decision.

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