10 Most Unusual Benefits Offered to Employees

There's little secret that job searchers look at benefits offered by employers, especially when trying to decide between multiple job offers. When it comes to benefits, it's not difficult to find employers that offer paid vacation time, sick time and even health insurance. Some employers are trying to put themselves ahead of the competition with more unique offerings. Here are 10 of the most unusual benefits offered:

1. Housekeeping

Chrisissy Sissy Maid in kitchen cleaning IVEmployees are busy people. So busy, in fact, that they may not have time to keep their homes clean. Akraya, an IT staffing company located in California, offers its employees the benefit of a professional cleaner. Twice a month, employees enjoy coming home to a spotless house for free. 

2. Life Coaching

Life coaches are incredibly popular right now. Zappos, an online retailer, offers its employees the benefit of an on-site life coach. This professional helps to guide employees in balancing their home and work lives, as well as helping them achieve their goals. 

3. Fitness

It's not unheard of for larger companies to offer on-site weight rooms for their employees, but Chesapeake Energy has taken the idea and run with it. The 72,000 square-foot fitness center offers employees a chance to get in shape, and offers the bonus of Botox injections, cancer screenings and lesion removal. 

4. Paid Vacation...Literally

Taj Mahal TicketLoadSpring Solutions wants to encourage its employees to immerse themselves in other cultures. So much so, in fact, that any employee traveling abroad for vacation is given up to $5,000 and an extra week off. 

5. Walking Incentive

People who live in larger cities rarely need a car to get around. To encourage even more employees to hoof it to work, the Marin County government give $4 per day to extra hire and regular employees who walk, bike, carpool or take public transit to work. 

6. Beer

Ski beer!This benefit may not seem like much to those that don't enjoy beer, but for those that do, securing a job at Threadless is a must. The owner has a friend that owns Finch's Beer and, together, they created Threadless Pale Ale as a unique employee perk. Visit the kitchen of Threadless and pour a pint of ale from the always-full keg. 

7. Flexibility

The people at Magoosh know that it's important to sleep and relax. This is why they allow, and even encourage, workers to work whenever they are most productive. No matter if you're an early bird or a night owl, you are welcome at Magoosh. It's also good to know that, to date, no employee's vacation request has been denied. 

8. Necessities

How much of your paycheck to you spend on cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products? If you work for Merchandize Liquidators, the answer is nothing. This company provides its staff with the necessities at absolutely no cost. 

9. Puppies

Converseon does 'Take Your Dog To Work DayThe Nerdery doesn't present a new puppy to each of its employees, but it does allow its employees to bring their four-legged friends to work. Support staff will even arrange for a mobile groomer to show up on scene for any pooch that has too-wild fur. Every Thursday Puppy Fight Club takes place in the Nerditorium; of course, there's no real fighting involved, it's all frolic.

10. Change
Burn out can be high in any profession. To decrease employee turn-over, the CEO and management of MorrisCore encourage employees to change jobs or reshape their current position. In addition, 35-hours, not 40, comprise a full-time week.

If you're looking for a new job, check out one of these companies. Employee perks are a fantastic way to attract the best and the brightest, and the perfect way to retain the employees already in place. Don't be shy about asking what benefits your potential employer offers; you might be surprised by what you hear.

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