Moving Up: Why Getting Promoted to Manager is Better than a New Job

When it’s time for a job change, it can be tempting to hop online and see what other companies are hiring. The idea of a new place of employment is exciting, but there are major advantages to sticking with your current place of employment and receiving a promotion to a managerial spot. Here are just a few of them!

1. Longevity at a Job is Always a Plus

Being promoted to a managerial position within your company doesn't have to be the end; but it certainly can be a useful stepping stone toward what lay ahead. Should you end up leaving your current company in the future anyway, having maintained a managerial position for any substantial length of time looks great on your resume.

And you already know that employers like to know that you can commit to one company for a long time, since nobody like a job-hopper. Having worked with Company X for five years (two years as a manager) will look even more impressive than having worked with Company X for three years as a sales representative. It shows not only your commitment but also the fact that you can handle being in charge.

2. Money and Power

Speaking of being in charge, it certainly has its perks, doesn’t it? Sure, it means added responsibility; but it also means a nice little pay raise. Obviously, you want to make sure that based on your extra responsibilities, the increase in your income is appropriate; but you will most likely be a lot happier with the numbers dancing on your paycheck.

Besides, the new responsibilities that you’re going to have to take on as manager are often ones that most employees would love to get their hands on. Obviously, these things depend on various factors of your company—what industry you work in, how big the staff is, etc.; but many managers enjoy the benefit of being in charge of things like hiring and scheduling. Remember: Having power means that you have the power to change things for the better!

3. It’s Good for the Morale of the Staff

There is often some resentment toward the higher-ups in the company when they bring in a new manager that’s a total stranger. Who is this person? What do they know about this company? Why should all of the employees trust someone when they’ve spent years at this company and the new manager hasn’t?

Being promoted to manager from your current position definitely avoids this pitfall. You can know that your employees will trust you and know that they can count on you, since you were previously in the same position as them. You can look out for their well-being and improve the things that you know they need.

Before you close the door on your company and seek out a new place of employment, talk to your superior about what you opportunities are in terms of upward advancement. You may find a better opportunity as a manager than leaving for someplace new!

About the Author:

Susan Bunch writes for education blogs where you can read more about the Best MPH Degree Programs.
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