Career Choices for Business Administration Graduates

A business administration degree is your doorway to the upper echelons of corporate world. The variety of career options that one can have after graduating in this course, is huge. You can work in any field that requires business intellect. The course is highly relevant to today's global business scenario and teaches the necessary skills for performing in-depth analysis and management operations.

Instead of limiting the choices of a person to a single job profile, a course in business administration diversifies the number of options available to you. As long as there are businesses operating, people with a background in administration will always be essential to the working of any company. Some options for a career after graduation are given here for your benefit.

Business Analyst: 

This job profile deals with interaction between clients and various departments in companies, such as Information Technology department, and also work in process and data modeling to provide analysis and business direction.

Employee Relations:

Careers in employee relations deal with the managing of the employees, their work ethics and work environment attitudes, and addressing their grievances.

Marketing Analyst: 

This job concerns researching of the market conditions in a region and applying these for potentially selling a service or a product. Designing data gathering techniques and analysis of this data is also part of the job profile.

Promotions Designer:

Designing promotions like brochures, pamphlets, posters or presentations is the type of work a promotions designer is entitled to. Any promotion avenue, other than direct advertizing to consumers, is part of the job description.

Public Relations:

Public relations encompasses all types of communication between a company and the customer, society or even government. Business administration graduates are required to be very tactical in their approach towards a consumer group without affecting any other groups. Publicity management is also included in the job profile.

Business Ethics:

This is a relatively new graduation course and the work involves organizing an ethical approach to conducting business. The amount of scandals coming up on a regular basis, gives this course an intrinsic relevance to business conduct in today's world.

Green Careers:

A large number of business graduates move towards environment sustainability areas. With the global climate taking continued damage, the need for green energy and sustained economies is the call of the hour and business administration graduates fit into this premise very well.

Apart from these, business administration graduates can pursue careers in real-estates, event planning, marketing supervisory, desktop publishing or even as counselors for admissions. The leadership and analytic thinking skills are highly desired by employers everywhere. The diverse, yet inclusive course structure increases the options available to graduates. Any place that is conducting a business has relevance for administration professionals. Doing business administration in Chicago can open up a long list of possibilities for your career and give you the setup for fast growth in future.

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