5 Facebook Tips To Keep Your Career Safe

I am sure that you have been told many times before that you should be careful about what you post on Facebook. Future and current job employers will most likely Google search you and then try to find you on Facebook and Twitter. You can continue to Facebook freely and safely by keeping these 5 tips in mind:


Your profile picture is open to the public; however make sure that your profile picture album is set to only ‘friends’. This will keep those who are not your friend on Facebook from viewing these photos. Your cover photo is also public as well as the cover photo album. As of right now you cannot make your cover photo album private. So be make sure that your profile and cover photo does not consist of anything deemed inappropriate to a company like alcohol, smoking and profanity.


Keep your statues clean, error free and non-controversial. Your political and religious thoughts are to be kept offline and in person. Once it’s out in the online world, it stays forever. Your status can offend your co-workers or employers even if you think you are right. Avoid any controversial posts.


Be careful who you friend. Do not friend future employers or even new coworkers. You never know who can take something from your Facebook profile and turn it against you. It is suggested that if you do friend co-workers keep them on a separate profile list. You can customize settings to where coworkers on that list cannot see your status updates or photos.

Check ins:

Your future employer and coworkers do not need to know that you decided to bar hop last weekend. Refrain from checking in at bars, clubs and other places that may raise an eyebrow. Also for safety reasons, checking in is never a good idea.


You can’t always control what your friends do but you can control if they tag you in a photo, status or location. Go to your privacy settings and got to Timeline and Tagging. There you can control your privacy tags. When a friend tags you in something it will notify you and then you can make the decision on whether or not to approve that tag and post to your profile or not.

Facebook can still be fun and place where you get to express yourself but be careful when it comes to your career. You never know what may ruin your chances of a job offer or even a promotion. Happy and safe Facebooking!

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