Nursing Employment - The Pros and Cons of This Profession

The health care industry is one of the most booming industries in the world today. This is one industry that is recession proof and has better job security than most other jobs. One of the most critical profiles in the healthcare industry is the profile of a nurse. A nurse is actually an umbrella term for a number of types of nurses. Here are the basic requirements of a nurse employment.

The nurses all over the world have to pass the required academics within the given time frame. There are several ways in which a person can become a nurse. Here is a brief list of the types of academics required to get a nurse employment.

Nursing Diploma

The simplest way to get into the nursing profession is by completing the three year 'Nursing Diploma'. This is a hospital based course, and the students have about thirty to sixty credit in the various aspects of medicine of physiology, microbiology, nutrition, and anatomy. There are other subjects that are covered at a subjects or the university. Most of the older registered nurses in the US have become registered nurses through this course.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four year degree course. This course prepares the nurses for education till the graduation level. This course teaches more about the nursing theory and research in the profession of nursing.

Associate Degree in Nursing

However, the most common type of education to become a nurse is the Associate Degree in Nursing. This is also known as Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, or Associate of Science in Nursing. This is a two year college degree. Though this is a two year course, but some four year colleges also offer the Associate Degree in Nursing.

Even before a person completes these courses, the person must complete a program that is recognized by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The nurses also have to decide on which branch they wish to specialize in.

These are some ways in which a person can become a registered nurse. There are several advantages of being a nurse today. Here is a brief list of the advantages of being in the nursing employment.

1. You get into the medical profession.

One of the biggest advantages of being a nurse is that you are in a lucrative and royal profession like the medical profession. Being in the medical profession, you network with other doctors and can be sure that you would at least have some kind of support in the event of a medical emergency in your life.

2. You have the knowledge of illnesses and medicines.

One of the major problems that we face in our lives is that we do not know what the doctor is saying until they sit down and describe it to us. As a nurse, you will be knowledgeable about most of the terms and terminology in medical science. You will also be able to understand and decipher the problem much better as compared to the layperson.


Looking at it all, it is an undeniable fact that the nurse employment is a lucrative job as compared to many other professions.
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