7 Tips to Write Your First Resume

So, you are just out of college, ready to take up a job. You have decided that you need a resume and have identified a few achievements and skills that you can include in your resume. But, you are clueless about resume writing. If this is the situation you are in, read the following resume writing tips.

1. Understand the purpose of resume writing: 

Before you open your word document, wait a minute and ask yourself: "Why am I writing this resume?" Finding out the purpose of a curriculum vitae is the first step towards writing a good one. Understanding what kind of a job you want, your career goals and objectives will help you create a good CV.

2. Add some meat: 

Since you don't have any working experience to show, in order to attract a recruiter's attention, you should add some points to demonstrate your suitability for a particular job. For instance,if you have a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and are looking for job in related fields, you can mention about your project work in the resume. If you have helped professors conduct some research in the field or conducted some research or surveys for your own internal assignments, enlisting them all is a great way to add some substance into your CV.

3. Use the right format: 

The idea here is tolist important details in a crispy and easy to read manner. Instead of writing long paragraphs, use bullet points to enlist your qualifications and skills. This way an employer can extract details from your profile easily. Better not use too many capital letters when writing your CV as use of capitals can make reading a difficult task. Using the right font is also important when it comes to resume writing. By using professional fonts like Times New Roman and Arial, you can provide a good look to your professional profile.

4. Use the right keywords: 

Most of the employers search online for right candidates. If you are not using the right keywords in your resume, you might miss out many opportunities. For instance if you are looking for a writing job, it is better to use a keyword like web content writer or content writer instead of just using the word writer.

5. Market the brand you: 

Remember, your CV is your marketing tool. Make most of the opportunity to market the brand you by telling the benefits of hiring you, rather than listing out your achievements. Use a crispy and clear language to enlist the benefits and advantages an employer get when using the brand you.

6. Proof read: 

Proof read, proof read and proof read. Typos and grammatical mistakes might lead your resumes to trash bins. Recruiters might take a person with error filled curriculum vitae for an impatient and inefficient candidate. So, if you need to get interview calls make sure that you go with an error free resume.

7. Use good printers and A4 Sheets: 

If you are not using correct printers and papers, you are wasting all your time and efforts invested in resume writing. Poor quality printing and paper can make your CVs unreadable and this can create a bad impression on recruiters.

Keep these resume writing tips in your head when you sit to write that first resume of yours. If you still find it difficult, you can seek assistance from a resume writing expert who can give your professional resumes that winning edge.

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