How to Use Twitter to Promote your Career

Bagging the perfect job is a near impossible task today. That is why it is important for you to make optimum use of any tool that gives you an edge in the employment market. Twitter is one such virtual tool that can help you promote yourself in your current career and/ or find a better job. It all depends on how well you leverage this universal favorite communication service.

Using the Twitter Bio in the Best Way

Do not give up the opportunity to explain what you do, in a concise and clear manner, by leaving your Twitter bio blank. Take your time to think through what you want to put here and this little summary of your professional and personal interests can really pay off. Keep in mind that you want to impress the reader and establish yourself as an interesting person and committed professional.

Quality Tweets

Although staying active on Twitter is the best way to build your network, you need to have something of import to say. Avoid fluff and keep your tweets focused and useful to gain the respect and attention of fellow Tweeters. If you do not have anything interesting to say, you can pass on useful links to articles/ blogs or re-tweet useful information. This helps you maintain a professional and businesslike Twitter personality which is great for your professional life.

Always Think Before you Tweet

No matter how strongly you feel on a subject or about a person, always think twice before committing your views to a tweet. Remember that your tweets are in public domain and your current/ future employer may look at them. Airing your opinion is fine as long as you do so in a reasonable, objective and courteous fashion. If you want to get personal about someone, use your email to write to them, not your Twitter account.

‘Follow the Leader’

Follow the right ‘leaders’ with Twitter and you will soon build your very own network of valuable contacts online. Use directories to locate specific groups that are relevant to your professional area and follow them assiduously to show your interest in your chosen field. Initiate contact with people who have expertise in your chosen professional or related areas and exchange ideas with them on a regular basis to keep track of industry happenings.

Above all, it is most important to understand that Twitter is a valuable tool to communicate what you feel and think as well as to understand what others feel and think. Use this tool judiciously to show that you are a consummate professional and to keep yourself in the ‘loop’ in your chosen profession!

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This is an article by Grace Beckett who works for Godot Media as an article writer. Grace has written articles for various blogs including how to write a good article.
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