Creative Ideas for Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between work and personal life is one of the most dominant issues of our time, as most of you must have experienced. Time and again we find ourselves struggling and stressing to keep up with the demands of both areas. Often, the advice given in such cases is to draw borders and limits between the conflicting demands of work and personal life. However, these two aspects of our lives do not necessarily have to be on conflicting terms. Rather, they may even enhance and strengthen each other.

The article offers some creative ideas to achieve exactly that goal.

Following are a few ideas that might help you make this vision a reality.

Use actual scales to keep track of your balance:

Put a pair of scales in your office, or in your living room. These scales will represent the balance you keep in your life, and serve as a reminder when you need to return the balance. Whenever your work takes up more of your time and energy, add weights to one side of the scales marked with the label "work". When your home is drawing more of your attention - tip the scales to the other side. Now - instead of letting the two sides compete - try to use the weights on one side to help balance the other side - in other words - find sources of energy from your home to help you at work and vice-versa. The next idea demonstrates how you may do so.

Make your family work for you:

Have you considered joining the resources that are available for you at home to help you at work? If your child is busy with coming up with an idea for a school project, offer him, or her to work on a subject that can help you complete one of your own job tasks. That way, you use the energy and enthusiasm of your child, get closer together, and at the same time help the child prepare an original project.

Decorate your workplace with the help of your family & friends:

The surrounding environment of your workplace has positive or negative effects on your performance. Ask your family and friends to express their talents and help you enrich the workplace and fill it with energy. This may include painting the walls, rearranging the furniture, hanging decorations, etc. From then on, each time you look around, you will be filled with the good intent and energy they invested.

When in need - break the routine: 

 Every once in a while our work-life does get off balance. One of the reasons for this is the fact that we get carried away by the routine, and forget the things which are most important to us. Breaking the routine could mean spending time with your family, friends or personal hobbies on hours that you would usually be at work, or break a personal habit of watching Sunday football in order to take the time and analyze the direction you are moving towards at work. In many ways, this idea follows the principle of "Function follows Form" described in my one of Creative Ideas Newsletter.

Image credits: chatchai_stocker
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