Career Success: How To Perform Well In Job Interviews

For just about any job you are likely to have to go through at least one, and more likely several, job interviews to secure a role. A small minority of people just seem to breeze through job interviews while others find the whole process a struggle, scary, stressful and difficult. Yet in reality all that is often required is small changes to yield big benefits in terms of how you perform in job interviews.

So what are my top tips for performing well in job interviews?

Know About The Organisation

20 years ago it might have been difficult to get some insights into the organisation by which you are being interviewed. With advances in technology, specifically the web and social media, it is now really easy to access information about an organisation and the sector or industry in which it operates. As a result you are bound to get asked what you know about the organisation. While it is good that you can talk in some detail about the organisation, the underlying reason for asking this question is to find out the person you are. An employer can tell by what you say whether you are the type of person who does just the minimum or goes a bit deeper; whether you are someone who does the job or contributes to organisational success.

Know About Yourself

In some cultures we are discouraged from talking about our achievements. We might even have been told that blowing your own trumpet is a bad thing. If this sounds familiar, the chances are you will not really dig deep to find your achievements. The trouble with that is if you don't really understand your achievements, it is difficult to sell yourself. At the end of the day you are selling your skill and expertise to the organisation in return for payment of a salary.

Anticipate Questions

I am continually amazed when people tell me they think ahead of questions and then when we get into role play and start asking really routine questions they fall apart. There are some questions that fall into the almost guaranteed category. My experience is that you can easily anticipate 50% of questions you are asked. Perhaps not the exact question but certainly key themes.

Be Professional And Business Like At All Times

An employer might give you a really tough interview and you might feel flustered and even agitated. No matter what demands or pressure you find yourself under, maintain your professionalism at all times.

Release The Pressure On Yourself

Yes, you might want a particular role and I am sure you will give it your best shot. On the other hand, you don't want to go into the interview with a feeling of desperation, otherwise you will end up putting yourself under far too much pressure. Cut yourself some slack and keep it all in perspective. This may not be the role for you and there will always be other opportunities.

The Bottom Line: Hiring or recruiting someone is a major financial investment for an organisation. Make sure you prepare yourself to make that investment decision as easy as possible.

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