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I looked at three different internships; they were with the Boston Bruins, Bay State Games, and the Special Olympics. The bruins one was with the Boston Bruins Foundation. The job was helping out in daily activities review donation, respond to local charity, assist in organizing, and conducting Boston Bruins Foundation events, and manage the Boston Bruins Foundation databases, including those related to events, grants, and donations. The Bay State games internship consisted of set up, and break down of events, assist coaches and official, and being a site director. The Special Olympics consisted of event managing, data entry, and coordinating coaches and volunteers.

7 skills needed to work as a sport management intern are:

Computer Skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Computer skills are very importing when entering data in a database. You might need to present a PowerPoint or create and excel worksheet.

Strong written skills

Many jobs will want you to type up information about an event. They might even write up letters to get donations, or to get volunteers. You must be a good writer by providing a lot of information and detail.


These jobs require you be able to communicate with your co-worker, people above you, such as coaches and officials. You will need to explain how the event should be run and help fix it if there is a problem.

Desire to work hard

When you are an intern the companies want to see hard working people because it is a learning experience and if they like the work you do they might hire you.

Ability to multi task

During events, there are many things that are going on and you need to be aware of them. You cannot focus all your attention on one thing because then the event might fall apart.

Meet deadlines

When an employee gives you a deadline it needs to be done, you cant wait to the last possible minute to do something.

Willing to work odd/ long hours

To succeed in the sport industry you need to work when others don't want to like weekend and nights. This will put you ahead of others.

Theses 7 skills are important in a variety of jobs. All jobs need you to work hard, write, communicate, and handle situations. If you are good at these skills you will most likely be very successful.

Cheryl Pitts is a Sport Management major at Nichols College, who is researching career and internship opportunities of the field.

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