How to Make Today the Best Day at Work - 7 Tips and Ideas

I hope to be able to give you tips you can use to make everyday a little better at work. After all, we spend one third of our day at work, and having a good day at work makes your entire day a whole lot better. Having done the corporate world and now the entrepreneurial world, these are simple techniques I use very often.

1. Plan Your Day

Plan your day the day before and get it out of your system. Write down what you have to do the next day. It doesn't matter where you write it so long it is easy to refer to later. I sometimes have strips of paper as reminders.

2. Give It Some Structure

Have some form of routine when you work. It helps you set blocks of time to get certain things out of the way. It helps you set aside time for the important things that may get side tracked if you are too fluid with your schedules. For example, set the first hour in clearing emails and the last hour in clearing emails.

3. Start Early

I know this is not for everyone, at first I thought this is not for me too. After all, I have been in an industry that is known to work till late nights. Waking up early used to be an issue. But I have been able to do it after a few weeks. The initial stages were tough but if you are motivated enough you will be able to do it. I use a statement in my mind to prevent me from hitting the snooze button. How are I going to achieve my goals if you cannot overcome this? And I jump out from bed!.

4. Finish Something

If you are really having a bad day, then do this before you leave the office. Pick on something easy to do, something you can complete. For example, a few important emails. Be focused and write those emails. Send them out. That's it. Pack up and go home. Or start on a few pages of the important proposal. Tell yourself five pages, focus and start on it. It has always worked for me in getting how to make today the best day at work.

5. Show Your Appreciation

This is when I am really down and my day just sucks. I remind myself of old colleagues, old bosses or friends who have impacted me positively and I drop them a note. I thank them for doing this and this. Besides surprising them, you will realize there are many good people in this world.

Recently, I was reminded that I have been in the working world for exactly 17 years. I dropped my first boss an "sms" that said, "Thank you for employing me and bringing me into the world of advertising." The "sms" came back, "Wow, it was that long. Seems like yesterday and you were this young chap ready to take the world in one breath."

6. Expect It

How to make today the best day at work? Expect it. Call it the secret; call it the law of attraction. Just expect to have a good day. We live up to our own expectations. Say you will have a good day and stay with the thought and it's almost always you will have a good day.

7. Start With A Positive Attitude

Read something positive, something motivating. Imbibe yourself with positive thoughts. It becomes fuel for your mind. If you are the religious kind, pick up the holy book of your religion and read it. You like motivational books? Read a few pages, start early, get on the net and read a few inspirational quotes. Things like these works even though some find it too corny.

Again, not all of these techniques work for everyone. Some of you will do better or perhaps have even done it. Others may struggle a little. Apply these techniques and ideas which best suits you and see how it goes, your day may just get better.

The frequency of your best days at work will increase.

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