The Top 5 Careers in the Religious Field

When most people think of religion, few people associate it with careers that can offer financial stability and success. Not only are careers in the religious sector considered an "indestructible career" by, but the public seemingly always needs spiritual guidance and leadership despite the current state of the economy. For those considering a career in religion, there are five careers that stand out as the most common.


Pastors are needed to lead an entire congregation, as well as the youth, for churches that often hire several different pastors that work in conjunction with one another. They often need to be strong in their communication skills and have completed schooling at seminary. Positions are most available through churches that are planted throughout the country, which includes Calvary Chapel and Vineyard Church.

Religion or Theology Professor 

Although there are few jobs available for religion or theology teachers in the public school system, there are several positions where teachers can thrive at private schools without teaching certifications always required. Several public universities also hire professors for those with a graduate degree in theology. They not only work nine months out of the year, but can have lucrative careers with a P.H.D. with salaries that range from 57,630 to $103,937. Many of the teachers also teach over the Internet to students who check out online Bible classes to complete their degree and learn from home.

Religious Writer 

Religious writing continues to be a need for both print and online publications for communities that continue to ask questions about faith. Religious writers often tackle the tough questions that are posed in society and should attend seminary or have earned a journalism degree for an educated and experienced background.

Family Therapist 

Family therapists that are specialized in religion are constantly sought out by the general public by those who share the same faith and desire therapy that is coupled with spiritual guidance. The average salary for family therapists is $45,970.


Churches or religious organizations are in need of administrators just as much as any other business to bookkeep, facilitate events, and maintain the schedules of clergy members. Church administrators often handle the work that is done behind the scenes to keep the leadership team organized.

For those who take a high interest in religion, there are a growing number of positions available through churches, organizations, and publications for careers that can be equally rewarding and challenging. It offers the chance to work as a teacher and leader to either a congregation or to society for a culture that continues to evolve with their faith.

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