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How to Dig Up Your Inner Confidence Before an Interview

Interviews are generally less about what you know and more about how you present yourself. Interviews are important opportunities to help sell your personality to an employer. Employers want their employees to be able to effectively communicate their ideas in all situations. In most situations, an employee's ideas are not always work related. Thus, interviews attempt to test the employee's ability to present themselves to potential consumers or customers. Try to find your inner confidence in order to relax and be yourself during an interview situation.

Realize That Your Fear Is Just Your Excitement

Sometimes you do not realize that your body reacts to fear and excitement in the same manner. Feeling physically fearful before an interview does not actually mean that you are scared of the interview situation. However, your body may just be interpreting your mind's excitement as fear. Attempt to utilize that physical fear as a chance to conquer something new. Use the interview as a catalyst for your career and see the interview as a chance to attempt something exciting.

Find Reasonable Expectations

Setting outrageous self-expectations may lead to a feeling of failure and non-success. However, this feeling actually may be due to the interviewee setting the bar too high. It is important to remember that perfection is not obtainable and that human quirks may actually be selling points to an employer. Quirks and eccentricities can usually make a person feel like you are easier to communicate with. Remember that nobody is looking for perfection; they just want to see the best a person has to naturally offer.

Learn From Your Mistakes and Failures

A psychological issue called imposter syndrome is a phenomenon where people who are successful believe that they are faking their ability to lead and capably perform their duties. Duties including leadership roles are especially stressful. Ultimately, people with imposter syndrome find that their successes are not their successes due to the influence of others throughout their lives. While these people are overwhelmingly successful, the syndrome may actually hold them back from attempting new or more challenging endeavors.

Believing that you are a fraud or having imposter syndrome can also make failure even more difficult for these people. These people do not see that everybody successful fails. Thus, people who have failed believe that they are not competent enough even though they are enormously capable. In order to remedy a feeling of immense failure, try picking up a new task and practice failing in tiny ways.

Perhaps somebody looking for an interview practice situation can apply for another job that requires an interview. Find practice scenarios using any job search engine.

Do Not Think That Appearing Confident Is Different Than Confidence

The ability to pass yourself off as confident is just as important as confidence itself. Remember that acting confident appears exactly the same as real confidence to others. There is no way to distinguish the difference as an outsider looking in. Acting confident, even when you have no idea about what you are talking about, can actually be considered an asset to an employer. Ultimately, just remember that sometimes being a 'fraud' is actually a good thing.

Angela Forbes is a human resources consultant. She often writes about her insights into successful job hunts, applications, interviews, and starting new jobs.

photo credit: franky242