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8 Trends for Resume Writing in 2014 That Job Applicant Must Follow

New Year has started and that means the job hunters expect more new trends in the year. While resumes play vital role for all these years, the format and content of the resume have widely changed. The most significant thing to consider at times of writing resume is that 2014 is the year to display concrete results. Here are the latest trends for resume writing for this year.

LinkedIn Resume:

Rather than conventional resumes, most employers are now looking for LinkedIn profiles of their prospective candidates. Since the LinkedIn is public profile, the employers realize that the information you offer is likely to be correct. In addition to job experience, you can also incorporate details of projects, recommendations, association as well as your interaction with other people in the industry. The additional information may help you to draw an impressive picture in front of your employers. The best part is that this profile also may be exported into PDF format as replacement to traditional resume.

Social or Online Resume

Similar to the LinkedIn resume, posting resume on social networking sites or other websites is the call of the season. The candidates create their online portfolios and web pages to display their experience, skills and potentials. By creating a good online presence, you are able to draw attention of your employers. Social resume allows you to display multiple possibilities to portray your expertise and help you to stand apart from the competitors.

Infographics Resume

One image is worth one thousand words.  Infographic resume represents your experience and other vital information in visual way so that the employers can review the details just in a glance. Indeed the infographics are popping online and in the print media too. The job applicants who apply for advertising or other creative positions can make use of the infographics to highlight the skills and qualifications. It also signifies that the applicant has relevant skills to organize as well as present information in graphical style. Unlike standard resume format, this stylist format is simple and do not usually cover the detailed information. Therefore it is the best idea to supplement current resume with infographic alternative.

Video Resume

The recent trend is to submit video resume by the candidates. However it is vital that video is done in professional manner. Unprofessional video resume can be dangerous and tarnish your image as a good candidate.  In this era of digital communication, there are diverse ways that allow you to represent your expertise and abilities in one video. You may demonstrate your work, talk about trend of industry and also make informative video highlighting details of job experience. Such resumes are not appropriate for the industry but they help your employers to know you better. Your resume allows you to gain edge over competitors.

“Morphing” resume

The latest strategy is that you can tailor your resume and make it appropriate for the post that you have applied for. Specialization is the buzz word in the industry and your resume must highlight the features in smart and effective way. For successful job search in the present times it is imperative that you create two to three resume formats and get desirable results.

Morphing a resume is easier than it sounds. The main thing to consider is to customize the achievement statements from former as well as current employers and orient the statements in a way that highlight your ability to deal with issues specific to the job  post that you have applied for.

Resume with summary:

While the traditional resumes require two to three pages, the recent trend of the New Year is to offer snapshot page along with few subsequent pages that highlight details of the career. The best option is to encapsulate background as well as career highlights in one first-page summary.

Colored resume:

Color resume is a smart trend that begun few years ago and is slowly gaining ground in 2014. For example, a tiny splash of blue color for headings as well as descriptions on a professional resume for biotechnologists help to highlight key terms and at the same maintain conservative look of the document. Start with small change in single header or text line. Make sure that color you select aligns with the profession. Navy blue color is good for IT professional and grey color is suitable for medical officer.

Conventional resume with profile 

There is a chance that you also require a conventional resume even when you go for an alternative option. You can create traditional resume along with profile that rightly compliments your innovative resume version. Such profile usually includes brief synopsis about your profession, personal achievement and also your strength and capacities. Moreover if you have website or online profiles, you must offer links in profile for the employers to follow you and know your better.

Learn about the essential resume writing trends that the job applicant can follow to get a lucrative job.

Author Bio:

"Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment."

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