Climbing the Ladder: Careers You Can Advance in Easily

Climbing the ladder of success is the goal of many working Americans. While it takes determination and hard work to get ahead in the work force, there are some career fields in which you can advance more quickly than others. Take a look and see if you have what it takes to get a higher position than you ever dreamed.


In sales, you are only limited by your ability to sell. The better you are at selling, the more quickly you will climb the ladder to success. In many companies, sales agents start in entry level positions and quickly meet their deadlines to gain more ground. Sales agents often earn bonuses on top of their regular commissions, allowing them to earn nearly unlimited income. The top sales performers often train other agents, making themselves indispensable to the company.

Knowledge and Creative Industry Careers

Careers in the knowledge and creative industry include those in creative fields like photography, graphic arts, acting, modeling, public speaking, and journalism. The most talented artists in the field often command high salaries for their work and are often in demand. Photographers often secure high-profile contracts that allow them to snag more lucrative contracts later. People in the knowledge industry often find it easy to move up by forming lasting relationships. Models, actors and make up artists all work together, making it easy for them to create connections that help them climb the career ladder.


People in academia---teachers, coaches, professors and the like---often find it easy to advance in their careers. Teachers often continue their education, gaining more degrees that lead to more certification. With this advanced certification, they are often promoted to higher paying positions. Others reach the highest levels of educational leadership and go on to become principals, curriculum designers, and school board officials. It is often easy to advance in the world of academia due to the linear path to advancement in the field.

The Wellness and Health Industry

The health and wellness industry is booming, with new wellness products being introduced to the market every day. With the push toward more eco-friendly products that enhance health, there are amazing opportunities to build a rewarding career in this field. Many health and wellness industry professionals work in spas and at wellness retreats. Others strike out on their own, starting independent businesses. Companies like Melaleuca offer entrepreneurship opportunities that will allow you to run your own company, quickly moving up in sales and enjoying unlimited earnings. There has never been a better time to break into the health and wellness field.

Advancing in your career is a matter of hard work, preparedness and determination. Find your niche today.

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