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Why Online Career Assessment Is So Important for the Graduates?

The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1979) concluded that between the ages of 18 and 38, an individual changed jobs at least 10 times. In the past four decades and various kinds of economic changes, it won’t be difficult to assume that an individual changes jobs more than 10 times in a 20-year period, in the 21st century. This is happening because of wrong career choices, among other factors, which breathes dissatisfaction, insecurity and monotony.

It is in this context that we will look into why online career assessment is so relevant for new graduates.

Let’s understand what career assessment is in brief.

Career assessment is a method to understand the aptitude, skills and talent of a candidate and recommend an appropriate career based on the assessment results. Sometimes these assessments are carried on during school days but if not, passing graduation is the correct time to undergo this assessment and make correct career choices.

Some of the major benefits of this career assessment are as follows:

Preventing you to make wrong career choice –

This is a pretty obvious benefit. The online career assessment tasks are so organized that it will test your personality, knowledge and skill on all levels. Your performance will define the career choice. Whether you follow it or not is completely your prerogative.

Helps with choosing future educational courses –

It may be that you want to continue education after completing graduation studies. Before you move forward, take the assessment. Graduation is a very common course of education these days. Getting further education means you are interested in specialization. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are going for the correct specialization; otherwise, you will end up wasting those years.

Saves your money

While the online career assessment tests will cost you money, you will ultimately end up saving money on unnecessary educational degrees.

Assessment enlightens you

Many of us spend our whole life without actually knowing who we are or without developing our identity. The career assessment tests makes us meet ourselves. Sometimes we may discover hidden talents and skills. We get to know how we respond to situations and how our mind functions in difficult times. In short, the career assessment will put the mirror in front of you and ask to acknowledge yourself. It will ask you not to make mistakes others have done.

It helps you get a job

Do you want to be a frustrated, depressed, angry and stressed out individual by the age of 35? You do not, right! But this is what you will end up becoming because you made wrong career and job choices early in life. You thought you were going in the right direction but you were not. If you are a graduate and looking forward to a job, take your career assessment test first. It will become your stepping stone towards managing that dream job.


The online career assessment tests are a must for every graduate before he/she applies for a job. If nothing else, it will tell you whether you are really suited for the chosen career or not.

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Diksha, author of this guest post is a regular blogger and Social Media Specialist. She is working with studynation. It is Educational website which helps the Education and career related needs of students. In her free time she enjoys writing on different topics like best options of study in india , higher career opportunities and other educational topics.This article is mainly focused on the assessment  facility which may be very helpful for the students.