Top Tips to Boost Your Career

This is perhaps one of the worst economic climates for generations. Nothing is easy and getting a job, let alone climbing the career ladder is difficult! However, as in any economic climate, but particularly now, you need to work to create your own opportunities and stay focussed on gaining that all important promotion.

Many experts and pundits will have differing views on what it is that 'gets you ahead' in today's climate. There are, however, common aims that you should aspire to in order to give yourself the best chance of climbing the career ladder. You may be looking to gain promotion within your current organisation or in a new organisation; this should not matter to your approach.

Possibly the most important aspect of gaining promotion is knowing what it is you want. What are your goals? Where do you want to get to? If you don't know the answer to these questions, you are likely to flounder in your aim. Knowing the answer means that you can focus on what and where you want to get to with clear objectives in mind.

There are a number of things you can do to put yourself in the best possible position for promotion and in no particular order, these are:

Know your topic and field of work. Keep yourself up to date by reading reports and publications relating to your area of work

Do you have the required education and or experience in this field? If not, try to gain the necessary qualifications to give you that extra chance of promotion

Be the best you can be in your current role. If you excel in your current role, chances are you will get noticed and be seen as a 'good' person for the organisation

Take on more responsibilities in your current role. This demonstrates that you are willing to progress and capable of successfully expanding your portfolio

Ensure that you are a team player. Very few organisations are able to deliver their objectives single handily, therefore, demonstrating that you are willing to share the organisations successes with others and not 'blame' others if things go wrong will get you noticed

Always demonstrate professionalism. This will get you a reputation for being dependable and cooperating with management. Acting professionally includes looking professional. Dress smartly at all times.

Be positive even when things are difficult. Nobody like staff that constantly whinge about everything - it doesn't create a good working environment. Try to be a problem-solver and get things done. You might not always be able to find the solution, but offering a solution is better than always waiting for someone else to deal with issues. Problem-solvers are more likely to stand out in an organisation and, therefore, more likely to get ahead

Assume leadership responsibilities. Every organisation needs good leaders. This could be as simple as volunteering to lead on a project, take responsibility for another member of staff or organise an event within the organisation. This will demonstrate your willingness and commitment to the organisation by assuming a role without extra pay

These are just a few tips to put you in the best possible position to climb the career ladder. The most important thing in today's competitive climate is to stand out from the crowd, be as prepared as you can be, demonstrate commitment and willingness to get ahead and you should climb the career ladder with ease!

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